Sunday, November 13, 2022

End of October

Sunday after our camping trip, Isaac had his final flag football game. It was a gorgeous day, weather was MUCH nicer in Minneapolis than it was in Michigan, ha.

Also that Sunday I had to make a trip to the mall and remembered the art teacher at the little afterschool thing Thomas goes to said he was going to have some art work hanging there. I finally found it after much searching: 

I worked a lot this last week of October, but Tuesday morning Kyle and Isaac left town to head up north with the 5th grade class for the 5th grade Camp Northern Lights trip! 

Some photos Kyle sent of their view. It was cold up there, thankfully dry. 

Wednesday we celebrated Harpo's 16th!!! Birthday! He's old enough to DRIVE!

Wednesday was an exciting day, I left my lunchroom volunteer duty early to meet the delivery truck for our NEW dining table! WOOHOOO! It has two leaves in, in this photo. It's a perfect size with the two leaves taken out, but we're trying to leave them in for a while as the table cures.

Sushi Wednesday at Byerly's (sushi is on sale on Wednesday) for dinner. 


Then a trip to the library since they're open late on Wednesday. 

Photo of the boys up north:

Thursday we had a bonfire of our own, Kyle and Isaac would be back the next day. 

Saturday was spent picking up leaves! 

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