Tuesday, November 8, 2022

NYC Day 4 August 24th: Roosevelt Island, Natural History, Rockefeller Center, & Brooklyn

 Wednesday was our last full day and we had reservations at the Natural History Museum. We got up, had hotel breakfast as usual. Then headed to the F train (which was a further walk but different train) we were stopping by cousin Patty's island on the way in to the city. 

We went to a playground first for the kids to get some energy out, then went up to Patty's apartment for a bit. We had reservations at the Natural History Museum to get to later that morning. 

Back on the F train to head to the Natural History Museum. 

The rock room was pretty cool.

I had to share the sequence of photos here... leading up to what Thomas originally wanted: a photo by himself. lol

For dinner this night we did an appetizer stop... we weren't sure what to eat, wanted fish but not a whole meal. We stopped in to this place over on the upper west side. Crave Fish Bar We got a hodge lodge of things off their happy hour menu... giving opportunity for the kids to try oysters. 

Then we took the train toward midtown and decided to hit Rockefeller Center. Passing Radio City Music hall on the walk. Streets were starting to get crowded.

Kids enjoyed this little play zone near Rockefeller Center.

Found the statue of Atlas for Isaac. 

Kids had been asking for McDonald's which is something we don't normally eat... but sure we're in NYC lets make it special, HAHA!

After McDonald's we took the subway out to Brooklyn. We were trying to look for a local brewery but it was proving difficult to find. We walked over a bridge into Brooklyn. Not to be confused with the Brooklyn Bridge, LOL. Just a bridge that led us into Brooklyn :-D 

This place was fun, Greenpoint Brewery However the beer wasn't as good as we were hoping and we were all pretty tired from walking. 

We called an uber to take us back to our hotel. First one of the trip. It was funny: when we got in one of the kids leaned in and whispered "who is this person driving us?" lol

Once it started to get dark out we took the kids up to the rooftop to see the amazing view of the skyline. 

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