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NYC Day 3 August 23rd - Boat Tour around Manhattan, Times Square, Math Museum, & Rooftop View

Tuesday we had booked a boat tour. So we got up, had our free breakfast at the hotel and headed off to Pier 83 over by the Hudson Yards. On our way Emma was complaining of this owie she had on her hand. At first I wondered if she got stung by something. Then we discovered she had burned her hand on the waffle iron at breakfast. She didn't remember it until we were asking her about possibilities. We stopped in to get some burn gel to help ease the pain. 

We had about a 20 minute walk to get to the pier where our boat would be departing.

Made it. They wanted us to arrive a half hour early... we got good seats up top but it was a long time waiting for this boat to get going.


Good viewing seats but in the hot sun!

Finally on our way! Got to see some cool views we wouldn't otherwise see being on land. 

Jersey side of the Hudson River:

Making our way down by the Statue of Liberty, a highlight for the kids. 


This was probably the closest I've ever been to her, we usually take the free Staten Island Ferry to view the  Statue. 

Speaking of Staten Island Ferry: here it is. 

After viewing the Statue of Liberty we circled over and headed up the east river staying on course to circle Manhattan Island. There was something like 21 bridges we would be going under. 

We abandoned our upstairs seats to get out of the sun.

Brooklyn Bridge: another one of my favorites!

You can faintly see the Statue of Liberty here:

Excited to make our way up the east river toward Roosevelt Island. I was in contact with Patty so we could try to see each other as we rode by. 

There's Roosevelt Island on the right. 


Patty's apartment. But she was at her daughters apartment a little ways down. 

Can you see her waving on the balcony? And this is the photo she got of us :-) 

She's in the building closest to us, second level from the top. 

That was super fun, then around the island we went. This is where the bulk of the bridges came in.

Made our way back to our stop! Time to find lunch. We headed toward Times Square, stopping in at a place called Dark Side of the Moo for burgers. 

We stopped for ice cream then made a QUICK walk through Times Square. Just for the kids to see... we weren't really fans of the crowds, although it really wasn't that crowded at this time.

At this point we were headed to the Math Museum over by Madison Square. We stopped at this SUPER trendy Matcha Tea place. I LOVED it! Kyle took one for the team and tried his own matcha tea, lol. Not quite a fan like me, but hey he finished it. 

Then we made it to the Math Museum. We found this place after looking up places we could get into for free with our Exploration Place membership. The kids loved it and it was Isaac's favorite thing from the trip. We got a little bit of grief coming in, they required everyone to be vaccinated... well Thomas had JUST turned five and he hasn't gotten his vaccine yet... so we said okay then he's four. She said her dad was in the Navy and liked his shirt so let it slide. This was also the only place we had to wear a mask. Even though all these rules were changing the next week ::eye roll::.


We spent a good amount of the here. The kids liked exploring, we were there maybe an hour or so, up til the time it closed. 


I'm not sure if this video clip will come through, but it was SUPER cool the optical illusion it presents. 

Then it was time for dinner. If I had this trip to do over again, first well I wouldn't have covid the week leading up to it so I could feel a little more prepared but that aside I would have done some better research in food places in the areas of interest we wanted to be. We had a flexible itinerary planned out but nothing about food. So we were started to get a little cranky with what and where we wanted to eat. Cuz we were also tired of walking by day 3. Thankfully cousin Patty came into help and recommended a few places. We went with this one about a 20 minute walk. Rosemary's East

Kyle's face in this one :-P 

We didn't have as far to walk to our subway, but we were all ready to go 'home' and relax. Thomas loved sitting in the spot that when we popped up out of underground had a good view of the city... I wasn't able to capture it but the view was quick and gorgeous. Thomas also pointed out this tennis place everytime we went by, lol. 

The kids got some screen time and Kyle and I decided to take a date walk around the block. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of the skyline but no luck on the walk. Then we decided to take a chance and see if there was any way to get on the roof. JACKPOT view! The door was open and the new was PERFECT!

That's a wrap for day 3. One more full day left. 

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