Sunday, November 13, 2022

Michigan Day 3: Marquette

Friday morning was much the same as the day before. We woke up, made a fire to bring some warmth back to the cabin - it actually wasn't very cold. The fire kept the place REALLY warm at night, almost too warm to start, but then once it died off in the night it started to get cooler. We ate some food then headed east to drive into Marquette, Michigan - also on Lake Superior shore. 

While the kids played at the park, we filled up our water jugs and I flew the drone for some amazing shots! 

Then we gathered the troops and went for a walk over toward the light house. I got the drone flying again and attempted a family photo, but at that very moment a bee stung Thomas's ear, he's not in these photos cuz he was sitting down. 

The clear water is beautiful.

We couldn't get down the boardwalk to the end, there was a gate right at the light house that was locked and only available when it was open for tours. So we went over toward the bay and the kids played down by the rocks. 



We left this area and Kyle found this great hiking spot about a 10 minutes drive in. Since our campsite was so snowy we didn't get in any camping around the state park we were staying at, so it was really nice to get this quickie in. 

We had heard about pasties and decided we needed to try one. We got one and split it six ways. It was good and reminded us of bierocks from Wichita. 

Had to pick up this mug :-) adding it to our camping collection because the current mugs we have the opening is too wide and our coffee filter thing that is suppose to sit on top a mug just falls through. 

We made it back, and before we got dinner going I flew the drone just to attempt to see if there were any moose around us along the river. No such luck. But you can see how much snow had melted since our first day. 

We made dinner, kids played games, and we decided NOT to build a fire for bedtime. It was warming up outside and the past two nights we had all been REALLY hot at bed so we layered up and went without. I think this was the best night's sleep for all. 

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