Thursday, November 3, 2022

NYC Day 2 August 22nd: the MET, Central Park, Financial District, 9/11 Memorial, & Union Square


We love the Met! Below I snapped a photo of Marcus Aurelius cuz my brother had been making videos about his book. Isaac is really into greek mythology from some books he's been reading by Rick Rijordan, so that was fun to get to see some famous art. 


My favorite room: 

Then we stumbled upon this in a corner! We had no clue, how cool that a room from Minnesota was in the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art! We've been into Frank Lloyd Wright and the prairie mission style architecture because our house is in that style. 


Mary loves archery so had to get her with this guy.

We were reaching our max with walking time... but it was rainy out. So we decided to just bite the bullet and eat lunch there... which ended up costing more than admission, HA! but bought us some more time. 

Then we decided to do the scavenger hunt on the kids' map. There were things to find and various points per item. 


This one was one with big points: the fly! 


After a full four hours of museum walking, it was time to leave. Funny how the kids complain of walking but once they spot a playground they suddenly have a new found burst of energy. Thankfully Kyle and I were able to sit, had to search for a dry spot, but were able to rest our legs for a bit while the kids played. And some clean bathrooms were nearby so that was good. 

Look at the bears up top! Familiar from above in the Met cafeteria?

Then we took a walk through Central Park going up to the big reservoir. 

A bit of wandering and complaining as we tried to figure out where to go. Made it down to turtle pond with a view of the Belvedere Castle. 

So many turtles!

We made our way to a subway station and hopped a train down south to lower Manhattan to the Financial District. Getting off near Wall Street, we decided to go see Alexander Hamilton's grave at Trinity Church

It was drizzly but not too badly raining. We walked over to ground zero

We found cousin Anthony's name on the 9/11 memorial. 

Then went into one of the World Trade Centers to find the subway. Kids getting hungry. 

And what better place to figure out food and find hidden energy... but a PARK! This one was at Union Square. 

We decided on a nearby Thai place with great ratings and it was GOOD! We got right in, which we were very thankful for. Waiting when you're hungry with a group of 6 is not a fun feat. This place was called Thai Villa

Good night city, off to our island for bed. 

Made it back to our hotel, after a FULL day of walking. My watch said I got over 20,000 steps in! Kyle and I went up to the balcony to check out the views. It was a patio that faced north so we couldn't see the city. But we could see the smoke stacks right outside of Roosevelt Island and the subway train we'd been taking to our home base at "Home2 Suites by Hilton"

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