Monday, November 21, 2022

November weekend: Science Museum & GOTR 5K

Last weekend was a busy one. Saturday I had an entry ticket to a ski swap. So went during my allotted time and bought a pair of cross country skis, poles, and books. We had already found Kyle some skis and poles. He just needed boots which he got the next weekend. We are skiing as a family and the kids will have rented equipment this first year. I'm excited to go cuz we can go out on our nearby lake once the ice freezes. 

Then we went over to the science museum for an afternoon visit. 

Sunday morning was our long awaited GOTR (Girls on the Run) 5K! This was our BIG celebration to finish out the 8/9 week season. It was at the State Fair Grounds and had all the local chapters 70+ groups ran in the 5K weekend. Saturday they were held in Duluth and Rochester. Girls arrived early with me at about 7:50am. Emma got her hair spray painted. 

And face painted

Attempt at a group photo, it was pretty chaotic. But so glad they moved the initial meet up point indoors it was suppose to be outdoors but it was a chilly one!

My amazing team of co-coaches!

Our former nanny: Emily came to run with Mary. I was Emma's running buddy.

Let the run begin!

It was a run walk event but it was so funny to watch Mary dart ahead then Emily would have to sprint to catch up. They got their interval workout in for the day, lol. 

So proud of these girls and it was SO fun to focus on them this day and put my coaching duty to the side since all the girls had their own running buddies. 


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