Monday, November 21, 2022

November: house work and date night

Back in July maybe... we had our chimney's bid out for work and agreed to move forward. Waiting to get it on the schedule, here comes November and they called halloween night saying they'd be here the next day! 

We got a liner put in the sun room's fireplace so we can keep it a wood burning fireplace. Then we had gas logs put in the living room fireplace. Now we have two WORKING fireplaces. Although it took a week, haha. Here they were Wednesday Nov 2 putting in the liner. 

Harpo got bumped out of his room for a week (he occupies the sun room) and got to stay in the bathroom. We leave his gate open during the day and close him up at night although he still spends all his time in his space. 

Turkey's on our walk to school

Exciting week, we also had booked our trees to get tied up and one dead one cut down back in August and they also arrived this week to get the work done. 

By the next week we had our working gas logs, nice to be able to have a fire with the click of a button and they are HUGE! The sun room took another couple days. I'll get a photo when we finally have a wood fire in it. They need to come back to seal up the bottom bricks. Thankfully they took their mess and Harpo is moved back into his room.

We've been playing many games in front of the fireplace. 

Saturday Nov 5th we were invited to a curling event with our realtors. I had never been, Kyle has been a few years ago for a work event. This was fun cuz they spent a good amount of time teaching us and there was a coach to guide us through a game. 

We utilized the sitter to have a date night. We went downtown for dinner then walked the stone arch bridge. 

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