Tuesday, November 8, 2022

MN State Fair Trip 1 August 30th, 2022

 We were really excited to get back to the fair this year. We had pre-purchased tickets, but we wanted to go when it wasn't crazy crowded. We weren't going to be able to go as a family until the weekend so we decided to go Tuesday the 30th just me and the kids. Then we planned to go on a weekend day with Kyle. 

We did a free park and ride option for parking. We parked just north of the fairgrounds and took a nice charter buss there. There was a lady behind the girls that was hilarious to listen to. Isaac and I were laughing so hard at some things she was saying and then when we got off the bus Thomas was repeating her. It was a silly time. 


We had a blue book of coupons so first stop was mini donuts in the midway. 

We got a souvenir cup so were able to refill it all day for a discount. Kids had lots of root beer!

We had a booklet of ride tickets so divided them up and kids were able to pick out what they wanted to do. Mary, Emma, and Thomas choose to do this mirror maze.

Time for more food. We shared a pronto pup.

Then split a really good gyro.

We made it to an old time favorite: Little Farm Hands. This is the last year Isaac can do it and get a treat at the end since it only goes to 10 years old. Lots of old memories from when the kids were little. This was also the first time we didn't have to park a stroller at the entrance. 

The fair is never complete without a stop at Sweet Martha's Cookies! 

The kids spent some time playing at the Minnesota Wild station.


Then a short trolley ride, getting hot. 

We love the Eco building. They have a fun bingo game and you get a mark for each station you visit. 


Hopped across the road to Math on a Stick (math games in a park)


At this point we were debating on staying and having Kyle meet us since he was finishing up with work or if it was time to go home. We were all pretty tired so decided to head home. Picked up a few more treats on our walk back to where the buses pick us up. We got cookie dough on a stick:

Oh and rode the Ye Old Mill too! In Kansas they had this same ride but they made it scary. This one is pretty simple but fun to be in the pitch dark as you ride through. Not sure it's worth $5 a person though... price keeps going up.

Last bit of food was the deep fried candy bars. We got the deep fried Oreos. 

So glad to be at the bus and able to take a rest from walking. 

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