Thursday, November 10, 2022

September Photo Dump

I am on the BSF leadership team this year and since we meet Monday nights, our leader's meetings are Saturday mornings at 7:00am. Most of the time they are calls so I can do them from home but once a month they are in person and I have to be there at 6:30 since I'm on the admin team and we set up for leaders meeting. Mary had been asking about the moon, they must have been taking about it at school. On my way I saw it! So beautiful I had to snap a photo for her!

Kids had their dentist appointments 

Harpo got a haircut!

Kyle and I had a DATE NIGHT! WooHOO! We went out to eat then went up to this rooftop bar for a view. 


I was actually at this same spot about the same time of year before we left. Crazy how the skyline has already changed. There's a new building, can you see it?


Friday September 16th our beach had an end of year party. Fire & Ice. Ice cream with a fire show. It was kinda chilly, okay it was really nice but not really warm enough to swim but that didn't stop them from going in the water. 

Saturday morning was the annual Kenwood Crawl! 

That afternoon we went to check out the MinnesoThai block party at the West End.

Picture of Harpo for fun. 

Isaac playing flag football this fall, Kyle is the coach. 

One of the Tuesdays Kyle was traveling and I had planned to just let Isaac watch Thomas after school while I lead Girls on the Run... but that morning was a disaster and the boys proved to me that wasn't going to work. So I quickly got Thomas enrolled in an after school art program for the remainder of September and October on Tuesday afternoons. Which would work nicely because there was another Tuesday Kyle would be traveling for work and since I led GOTR (Girls on the Run) on Tuesdays and Thursdays I needed something for Thomas to do. (I'll make a separate post about GOTR)

Finally got my Minnesota license after a few visits and rescheduling. 

Kyle was traveling and when I heard about this school lunch event I figured we'd go to help out with me having to take on dinner by myself again. This was at the food service office building and they had lots of food booths set up, even a corn chucking contest, ha! It was a little chilly, as you can tell Mary was dressed for the warmth of the main day. 

Random photos:


Sleeping Harpo 

Kids playing at the park before Isaac's Sunday flag football

Monday was a no-school day. We met up with some friends at a chutes and ladders park. I brought my drone for some fun photos. I was hoping to get some fall colors but it was still a little early. 

Hyland Lake - not quite changing leaves (yet)

The turkey's on our walk to school!

At that dentist appointment it was discovered Thomas had two cavities. Interestingly enough none of the other kids have had cavities.... Wichita doesn't have fluoride their water where as Minnesota does. Thomas was drinking non-fluoride water from age 2.5-5 so perhaps this had something to do with it. 

Stinker was TOLD not to bite his lip that was numb. He ended up biting on it pretty good and it was swollen and bruised the next 3 days. :-( 

OH! We'd gone to the library all summer and contributed to this sticker mosaic. It's finally coming together. The was the first time we realized what it is. 

Closing off September with a gorgeous day of BSF work on the back patio. 

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