Thursday, November 10, 2022

First Days of School, Harpo's home, Thomas's fun day before Kinder

Wow what a long summer! It was full of change and excitement but boy were we ready to get back to school. They finished school on May 25th in Kansas. Wichita had started mid-August but Minnesota doesn't start til after Labor Day (which we love, but they also go til June) So it was an extra long break for us. We walk to school now so we got our photos before the walk. 

We got a picture AT school, where Thomas refused to participate since he wasn't starting school until Thursday. I asked him to please step out of the shot then but he refused, lol. 

After we got the kids at school Thomas and I were on our mission to retrieve Harpo. We made a Costco run waiting for animal control to open. Then I tried calling... no answer. So I just went to the center. (see caption on photo)

He's HOME! Washed and official now a resident of Minneapolis.


The next day the kids got off to school and then I wanted to make it special for Thomas and have a fun last day before real school. Oh here's Emma's hair for day 2. 

We went to Mall of America for a fun time at Nickelodeon Universe. First I started off just getting him a wrist band... he looked rather pitiful riding the ride all alone. So after this one I got a wrist band as well so we could ride all the ride together. 

He was being quite the stinker for the first part... it took some warming up for him to drop the 'funny guy' attitude he does when he's surrounded by all the kids and he softened up and had a good time with me. We really enjoyed this 1:1 time. We hadn't had this since last spring when the kids were in school. 

We did ALL THE THINGS! Took a break for lunch, Thomas's choice.

This was a fun one we did a number of times. 

He liked the little kid one of these and decided to do the big kid one. I rode it with him the first time, but then he did it another 2-3 times without me. 

One more time on this one, we rode separate cars for the last ride. But it was time to leave and go get the kids from school so we had to put an end to our special day. I really didn't want it to end we had so much fun! 

Our walk to school. 

How he's ready for his photo. 

Good bye kids! See you in 7 hours. 

What do I do on the FIRST day of all FOUR kids in school... well I attempt to go paddle boarding :-D it was SOOOO WINDY! It did not work out but hey I tried and lasted a full 5 minutes fighting the wind. 

Trying to capture just how windy it was! 

And I had a job interview! LOL great timing huh? All this time I thought I'd have on my hands, but now I'm filling it with work. I got the job by the way and started at the first of October. 

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