Tuesday, October 18, 2022

NYC Travel Day & Wedding Day August 19 & 20, 2022

Alright back to blogging. Just when I think I'm getting close to caught up, life happens and I get further behind. So now it's mid October and I'm back to sharing end of August. With covid behind me, finally testing negative we were off for our NYC trip. My cousin was getting married and we decided to make a trip out of it. We flew up on a Friday, left Minneapolis mid-morning. Oh and I should mention I bought these plane tickets last spring, back when we lived in Wichita and didn't even have an offer in on a house yet. So I knew we HAD to move to make this happen, lol. We snagged these tickets before prices soared. 

Because we weren't sure on timing to park at the park and ride lot and TSA we had TWO hours to spare waiting for our boarding. 

Made it!

Was cool to see the Great Lakes from above. 


Time to move! Once we landed our traveling wasn't over. We had to get from the airport to a subway, to a train, to a bus, and then walk to the hotel we were staying at just an hour or so north of the city: Tarrytown. It took us a couple hours. 

Free shuttle bus from the airport to the subway station, which took us to:

Grand Central. Here we got on a train that took us north.

Then from the train station we walked to a bus stop... missed the bus so walked along to the next stop while we waited and the bus driver was nice enough to let us on even though we didn't have change or the correct ticket, oops. 

We made it to the hotel! That evening was a family dinner at the hotel. So good to see my cousins again. 

Next day was Saturday, wedding day. We hung around the hotel, it was HOT out. Thankfully there was a grocery story right next door so we hopped over there for some breakfast and then again for lunch, they had this funny robot. Emma gave Grandma Cindy a call to wish her Happy Birthday.

Time to get fancy. For some reason Mary was in a bad mood for the photos, go figure there's always one. But I got a couple of her happy later. Just not a good group photo :-( 

Oh at the hotel we had two rooms, we let the kids stay in one room and Kyle and I stayed in the one right next door. Unfortuatnly they weren't joining rooms but we told the kids they could have their own room if they were good. Who knows how late or early they got up... boys were tired obviously since they fell asleep on the 30 minute charter bus to the wedding site. 

Wedding time, on a gorgeous hill looking out over the Hudson River.

It was such a fun wedding. There was a photo booth and the kids had a ton of fun taking photos at it. We have a stack of print outs from it. I'll try to add it to this post if I can scan them in at some point. 

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