Tuesday, September 27, 2022

2nd week of August (and third week summary)

Monday, August 8th starts off like any other week... we have a golf camp this week for Thomas, Emma, and Isaac (Mary didn't want to participate and she was finishing up archery anyway). Unfortunately they were ALL at separate times because of the different levels and Isaac's was across town cuz the bigger kids had theirs at Hiawatha Golf Course. The two younger ones were close to home at Theo Wirth Golf Course. Thomas was up for the first session, his was only a half hour so I stayed on site. 

Emma's was next at the same place but her's was about 50 minutes. 

Then we had lunch in the car to take Isaac 20 minutes away for his lesson which lasted an hour and a half. 

Tuesday same thing different day... for this camp Thomas and Emma had it through Thursday, Isaac's was all five days. Only problem was Tuesday I woke up with a fever and felt VERY fatigued. I dropped the kids off from afar and kept my distance from people. 

The next day Thomas went to his lesson and when he finished I felt him and he ALSO had a fever. I shouldn't have sent him but I didn't know :-( turns out we both had covid, waawaa.... 

Kyle helped with some pick ups and drop offs to finish off the other kids golf and Mary's Thursday archery. Isaac and Kyle hit the golf course Saturday to utilize some of the new skill Isaac had worked on all week. 

Great way to go into my birthday week, sick with covid turning forty and my stupid period started, I also had to miss a super weekend event with Beachbody that I had tickets to and was REALLY looking forward to since I hadn't been to one in three years. That had to be the BEST birthday ever! HAHA I knew there was good to come so I wasn't complaining that much, but yeah it royally sucked. Thomas ended up just having a fever for 24 hours and tested negative on day four. It took me a FULL ten days to finally test negative. I had a headache on and off the whole time but nothing like the first day. I finally got a negative test the day before we left for NYC, thankful for that. 

No one else got sick, we were afraid Mary might have gotten it because the night of my birthday she was feeling crummy and ended up throwing up that evening, but no fever and she was negative for covid. 

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