Monday, September 19, 2022

July Recap (first half)


Can't remember exactly but this was July 9th, Saturday we ended up east of St. Paul and had dinner at this cool brewery. Kids stayed busy building their plus plus and Isaac is ALL about the rubiks cube these days. 
Oh I REMEMBER! We were dining room table shopping, which planted us out that way from a few different stores. We didn't purchase a table that weekend - but we DID find the one we eventually purchased. We have it ordered and hoping it's here before Christmas. We ended up getting a mission style table from Stickley, will be the nicest piece of furniture we own, hope the kids don't wreck it, ha!

We did find this run that weekend that is now in our dining room:

That Sunday we had a sitter come and Kyle and I went for a date night of playing golf. This was LITERALLY the first time I'd played since we lived in Atlanta, Georgia about 15 years ago, lol. It was fun. 

Monday July 11th: the girls continued with their summer school. Isaac went to an old friend's to play - so good for them to connect. Thomas and I got to play together

Isaac had a football camp that week, across town at Roosevelt High. We drove right by where George Floyd was killed everyday. The last day I stopped to get some photos. It was a pretty powerful spot and these hands were awesome. There were five of them at the main intersection and then the adjacent four intersections that surrounded the main spot. 

A few house things this week, I can't remember if I posted about the A/C condensation pump line getting a crack behind the wall and water seeping through. We disconnected it and have a pipe running out the opening across the basement to the sink in the small kitchenette. This is a problem to deal with another time. But home warranty wouldn't cover because it felt with the structure of the house to get to the crack, or removing HVAC to fix the pipe, erg!


Plumber came to replace the sprinkler valve that was cracked due to improper winterization at some point, probably in 2014 from our sprinkler companies records. Fun! 

But these lights were fun! I replaced the lights in the basement bedroom that we are using as a workout space, they were more bedside type lights and I wanted something to take up less space. I thought the design was kinda prairie mission style :-) We're all about he prairie mission style now. 

New light and old light in the distance. 

Monday night walk to the lake. And you can see the lights we got up in Thomas's room. These were a birthday present from Grandma Judy. And his sweet sleeping face :-) 


Tuesday, July 12th: 2:1 time while girls were at summer school:
Puppy Dog tail coffee date. 

Wednesday: Thomas catching a car nap and then the younger three were with Kyle for Mary's Lacrosse practice. I picked up Isaac from football and went over to St Paul to meet up with my friend Brandi. We ate at her neighborhood Ethiopian restaurant. First time we'd had Ethiopian food, it was good! 

Thursday the 14th took the boys to Science Museum during the day. It's nice having that dual membership. Our Wichita exploration place membership is good til March '23 and gets us into this place and the Children's Museum. 

Morning of the 15th went for a run and couldn't help but stop to take photos along the way :-) 


Mary's team had a lacrosse game that Thursday night, it was real close to us so we went. Mary doesn't play because she's too young but she enjoyed being on the sideline with the girls and practicing with them before hand. 

Beach day! Kyle was done with work earlish and the girls don't have summer school on Friday so we made it to the beach for some fun in the sun. Also celebrating the fact that our Belmont house closed! We were officially no longer Kansas home owners. 

Now it's been long enough ago and I'm way behind in blogging that I'm having to look at the calendar to see exactly when these dates were and what was happening. So Saturday we were at the beach again cuz I have this photo. According to my calendar it was the Pirate Mermaid party put on by our neighborhood organization. Ah yes now I remember, there was a fish and chip food truck there. I didn't get many photos because we were busy visiting with friends. 


I'd been doing pretty good with a weekly run, this was Sunday the 17th and Isaac went with me for a trail run near cedar lake <3

We went to Como Zoo on this beautiful Sunday. Some new areas we weren't familiar with, they did some improving in the past three years. 

Once we got home we went for a bike ride to Sebastian joes, that hill is a killer!

Then I broke out the drone again and took a few shots, basically same as the first. I need to venture out and fly this thing some where else. 

That's it for the first half of July. I'm gonna stop now and try to get the ladder half of July in one more post. Catching up! NYC coming in August. 

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