Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Last 2 weeks of June!

Alright I've GOT to get caught up with this blog and get my photos cleaned off my phone. Hoping to bust out June and July soon. August shouldn't take too long to get through either, but a fun NYC trip will be in that month's posts. 

Okay Monday June 20th, so we've been moved in for a bit, Kyle had been off work the first of June, then he had to travel the week before AND this week. So two weeks in a row of him being gone made for rough adjustment to our new normal. But we were getting by. I continued to work on unpacking and organizing. Here I got the books up in the office. 

Thomas enjoying some playtime. 

Tuesday we went for a walk to the lake, beautiful day!

Sleepers: Mary & Thomas, lol.


The three big kids had park playdate this week in St. Louis Park which meant Thomas and I had the afternoon to ourselves. Oh yeah, Mary was sick for the first couple days so this was Thursday, picking up on our Thursday coffee dates :-) 

Bracelets Emma had been making at park playdate

Cute little Thomas at the door

Friday afternoon we walked to the mailbox to mail a letter to our Wichita neighbors

And then got out on the paddle board just him and I while the big kids were at the park.

That evening we went out west to a friend's church where they were having a summer concert. 

Playtime at home

Saturday evening there was a party at the place I do hot yoga. 

Sunday we took it easy, here's a video of Emma skateboarding.

MONDAY June 27th.
Not sure if I shared this lovely update, but the damage done from getting the shower faucet fixed. We have hot water, but now have a hole in Thomas's bedroom wall. 

Mary had lacrosse practice that evening. 

This week the 3 big kids had park playdate in the morning and then Isaac and Emma went in the afternoon. So Thomas and I had 1:1 mornings, then it was me, Thomas and Mary in the afternoon, fun to split it up and have some special time together. 

Tuesday evening when Kyle was finished with work we headed to the beach. Oh it was also nice to have week where Kyle didn't have to go out of town. 

Oh Tuesday I also taught my last yoga class. I had been teaching a virtual class in Wichita and since it was virtual I was able to do one more month of it before they moved to a different way of offering the class. I got my computer set up in my workout space and taught the class. Gonna miss doing that. 

Wednesday Thomas wanted to go fishing... this was more of a dad thing but I was willing to take him. We walked down to our lake and attempted to fish. 

We started at the little concrete steps because someone was on the canoe launch dock and I didn't want to disturb them... well we didn't have any luck there so walked over to the dock. 

Much better luck there... however this first one was tricky, I couldn't get the hook out smoothly and he started bleeding and it made me sad. I didn't want to do it anymore but we did and the rest of the catches went a little better to release. We caught 3 or 4. I think 4 because Thomas didn't want to stop until he got to his age. 

Working on stuff at home I got our wooden maps hung using some picture rail hooks.

And that afternoon Thomas, Mary and I went to an old park we used to go to a lot when they were smaller. It was a warm one.

The next evening I wanted to go for a bike ride with Isaac. Got my bike out but the seat has always been too high. I was trying to just get the seat post OUT but it wouldn't budge, Kyle went to help and hit it down which caused the seat post to bust through the carbon fiber frame :-( since it's carbon fiber sometimes this can total the entire frame. I took it to the bike shop and they aren't allowed to work on cracked carbon fiber but did give me the name of someone to fix it. Here I sit beginning of Sept, I did get it fixed and all is well but I still haven't gone on that bike ride I wanted to. 

Kids painting on some trash :-) while Thomas got a nap in


That evening we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art

And THAT concludes June, WOOHOO! Onto July. 

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