Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Summer in One Week

The first week of August was a great one. The girls were done with summer school and although Kyle was in Wichita for the week, I kept the kids busy, busy in an attempt to make evenings easier on me. Isaac had an afternoon sports camp this week where we discovered a nearby water park! Monday we started the day off with boy haircuts. 

And I got to finally pick up my bike! Hole fixed. 

Thomas had soccer that evening. I had hired a sitter because there was suppose to be a PTA meeting... that was CANCELLED AGAIN! Third one this summer I should have known... but I couldn't cancel the sitter or I'd just get charged for her so I had her come anyway and snuck away for a hot yoga class. 

Tuesday we tried to locate that free food truck through MPS (Minneapolis Public Schools) but it had broken down again. Thankfully many school sites hand out free lunch (cold lunch) so the kids got to enjoy that before we took Isaac to basketball. 

We also were prepared Tuesday, so when we picked up Isaac we went the two blocks down to the city pool. It was great cuz it was only $5 per adult and kids were free so ONLY five bucks for all of us to attend. They had two slides but one was broken. On our way to the van afterwards an ice cream truck went by so we got a treat. 


That evening we had a pretty bad storm. I was awoken to the sound of our alarm chirping like a door was opening. This kinda freaked me out, Kyle was out of town and at first I thought "Oh crap someones getting into the garage" but then I realized how DARK it was and the electricity had gone out, which was why the alarm was chirping. It ended up coming on early in the morning so was out for a few hours overnight. 

Wednesday we hit the pool again after basketball and met up with our friends Michelle and Enoch and their two girls.

Thursday the hole in Thomas's wall finally got covered, this was phase one then he came back a couple more times to sand and mud to smooth it out. 

Mary had archery on Thursday and Kyle made it home. He picked up Mary straight from the airport and I took Thomas to his soccer over at the park by our house.

Friday we biked to the library that morning, then Isaac had his basketball camp. While Isaac was at camp, Kyle and the other three of us rode our bikes to the uptown art fair. It was a warm one! 

On our rush back to the house to get all our pool stuff cuz we were planning to hit the pool as a whole family right from picking up Isaac I had a BLOW OUT in my cargo bike! We had made it around isles and was coming down from the bridge. I pushed it the rest of the way but made us a few minutes late to get Isaac. 

I didn't get any pictures at the pool, but it was fun!

Saturday we went to get a replacement tire/tube for my bike and hit the art fair again. It was rainy drizzly so it worked out I didn't have a bike (which was our plan to bike to the art fair again). 

We went BACK to the art fair, Kyle got a painting and I got a couple pieces of pottery. I don't have a photo this time but this is where I discovered SugarButter Cookies. It's a local gal that makes these huge AMAZING chocolate chip cookies. They are literally two inches tall! I made a trip to the uptown art fair just to try them cuz I couldn't stop thinking about them after I saw her booth. As you'll see in my future blog posts we find her around the twin cities almost every other weekend :-) 

Dinner at Bucca's

Sunday we make a trip to the Science museum

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