Tuesday, September 13, 2022

4th of July weekend

 July 1st was on a Friday, big kids had their summer park playdate, Thomas and I biked to the library which because a weekly Friday thing this summer. 

Mary had been wanting to go paddle boarding all week and we had one more day to make that happen just the three of us. So we DID IT!

We went all the way to Bda Maka Ska!

Their favorite part: jumping out in the middle of the lake.

Our route

That night we biked to Sebastian Joes (ice cream) There is a HUGE hill to ride up so it's totally worth the calories.

Saturday we went to the Home Depot kids project, fun to do these again

Sunday July 3rd we met some friends at Canterbury park, which is horse races and we stayed for the fireworks. Younger three got to ride ponies. 

It was a fun time, stayed out late and kids were complaining by the time the fireworks were going. Took a while to get out of the parking lot so we were all tired the next day, but we got a fireworks show in. Kyle had Monday off work but we didn't do much. The girls started their summer school that Tuesday July 5th. 

And to tack this in before Thomas's birthday post. I got up early to try this workout studio, got to see a beautiful sunrise so it was worth it :-) 

Trip to Costco with the boys while the girls are at school.

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