Thursday, August 18, 2022

June 13th - 19th

Monday June 13th

Kyle took the shuttle (aka private jet) down to Wichita for the night, girls started a gymnastics camp this week so that left me and the boys alone for some morning time together. We ran an errand; I needed to return something to Ikea so we did that then went into Mall of America for a quick visit. 

Had an old ticket with credits on it, JUST enough for the three of us to ride one ride, lol. Perfect. 

So we enjoyed the Ferris wheel.


Ikea finds: Trash cans for upstairs bathroom sorting and hooks for a shower we didn't have running water to. Thankfully we purchased a home warranty and were already using it! The kids shower had no hot water, had a service guy come out he turned off the water to that bathroom and then left for two weeks!! UHG actually I had to get the. new faucet and we were waiting on that which only took two days but it was forever before they came back. Such a pain. 


We also got a new smart lock installed on the garage cuz the first one didn't work. These first couple months in the new house it seemed like thing after thing wouldn't work. I think our AC also went out about this time... and it was suppose to be the hottest week of the summer so far. Thankfully the girls split A/C unit upstairs was running and it did a great job cooling all upstairs 

This Monday also started a NEW adventure for Mary, she was going to try out Lacrosse for the summer. 

Other kids played at the park while Mary had her practice. She's on a 14U team meaning 14 year olds, but they let the 8 and 10 year olds practice with them, they just don't participate in the games. Mary was the smallest there although there was another one or two 8 year olds. They were very welcoming of Mary and even gave her the nick name little bean by the end of it. Throughout the season Mary said she didn't like it but now that she's done she said she does like it. If she keeps practicing at this age she'll be REALLY good when it comes time for her to part take in the games. 

Tuesday June 14th

Spent this morning running around trying to find the faucet for the shower I mentioned up above. Didn't find one, had to order online but did find this SUPER cute bird feeder!

And Thomas got a car nap in, probably one of the last. 

broke out the sensory table

June 15th : Wednesday

Kyle got home the night before, girls still attending gymnastics camp, it ran all week. 

Got some books unpacked. Since we don't have a big library like we did at Belmont the kids books got separated into two sections. Girls room, Thomas's room, and Isaac's room. 


Still getting lots organized. The workout room was a work in progress but this day was was great because it was when I decided to move the weights into the closet to open more space on the floor. 


Unpacking and organizing! Lots of it! We have so many built ins it was a process and still is a processing finding where everything should go. 


Thursday June 16th
Girls final day of gymnastics camp and the boys wanted to go to the Children's Museum. 

June 16th

A/C goes out AGAIN, second call to the service person. Gettin use of that warranty. And we go for a walk. This short walk wore Harpo out, lol. He's gotta stick to smaller walks just around the block. 


Friday June 17th
Time to celebrate the end of the week with a beach trip! WOOHOO!

We are such a circus parade on our walk to the beach.

Kids played at the beach, Kyle and I took turns taking one kid out on the paddle board. Me and Thomas went out first. 



We came back home had dinner and then I got my drone out for some play. Hadn't taken the birds eye view of our house yet. 


June 18th Saturday
Kyle and I had a date night. It was more of a Father's Day celebration and just 'we need to get out' kinda thing. We had dinner, went to a comedy show at our old favorite spot and then rode these electric scooters home, quick walk to the lake before we needed to be back for the babysitter's end time. It felt amazing to get out in our city again, and to just chill the two of us. 

Sunday morning I went for a run, it's been a long time but living where we are, running around the lakes is something I'd been looking forward to, just took me a couple weeks to get to the point I could. And I wasn't quite ready for that pace or distance because boy did my body hate me the next week after that, lol. Ooops learned my lesson to back off speed and shorten the distance til I can work up to it again. 

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