Thursday, August 18, 2022

June 3rd New Home!

 Friday June 3rd was closing day. We loaded up and left the hotel, went to the house did our final walk through, then headed to Wayzata for closing paperwork. Kids got some iPad time in the conference room. You'd think it's 2022 and we wouldn't have to sign so many PHYSICAL papers, gesh. 

We had lunch at punch pizza then headed to OUR house! Kyle, Mary, and Thomas made it to our house first and went for a walk down to the lake while they waited for us. I had to make an extra stop to pick up the internet router. 

Of course the moving truck was there waiting...but we needed some time. We were unloaded the van in the garage when Isaac tripped on one of the first trips out. The saddest part was he was SO eager to help. His toe caught the lip under the door to the garage and he took a header down the steps just inside the garage. 


We had a little bit of "give us a minute" time before the movers started to unload. It was just the driver and his buddy, they wanted to get the beds out for us but not do a ton because he had a crew coming to help the next day. They got the beds and mattresses unloaded and we were able to get the garage stuff off the truck and organized into the garage. That evening I made a trip to Home Depot... couldn't help but pick up this rug. I don't even remember what else I got but that was the first of MANY trips. 

They did get the couch boxes unloaded to the back so that evening Kyle and I got them opened and moved into the family room.

Also Friday closing day Kyle and I moved this desk out of his office and posted to FB Marketplace, someone came that evening! So it was gone before the truck got unloaded, really opened up his office. We knew if we left it, it'd be forever til we got rid of it. 

Saturday was official MOVE IN DAY! Thomas was sleeping in his new room, on his new bed... well we didn't have a full size mattress yet so he was on a twin mattress. But he slept in so late it was great!

Saturday (June 4th) was a stressful day with move in and figuring out everything needed to get unloaded to. But the movers finished about 2:00 or so! YIPEE!!!

AND perfect timing! There was a neighborhood party at the beach that evening, a welcome home for us :-P haha

It was actually quite perfect, we were exhausted from the movers and it was nice to get OUT of the house cuz being in the house I just needed to unpack. We saw some of our old neighbors, it was SO good to visit and see familiar faces, almost like we never left. Kids enjoyed being back at the beach too!

The next few days and weeks brought LOTS of unpacking! First goal was the kitchen! We had been eating out WAY too much and I needed my kitchen back ASAP. 

So many BOXES! We mainly threw them all into the dining room, when I'd get a nice chunk of empties I'd make a post on FB Marketplace and someone would come pick them up. So handy and a nice quick way to get rid of boxes.


My cozy spot to do my morning routine. Fun to watch the wildlife run around the yard. This as before I got a bird feeder. And LOOK our grass is green haha. This was in June, forgot it was actually green. Then it all died due to lack of watering, we got our sprinkler fixed the first of August and it's starting to get green again. 

Boxes, paper everywhere! Makes for fun toys. 

Out to eat... somewhere, can't remember but Isaac's face is healing quickly. Also our paddle board arrived that we ordered in Kansas. Can't wait to take it out! 


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