Thursday, August 18, 2022

Second week of June back in Minnesota

June 7th Tuesday

Worked on a little unpacking, kitchen is coming along. Trip to Costco, SOOOO excited they have SUSHI!


Oh and the internet fiasco! Remember I stopped on our way to the house for the very first time to get the router... well it was suppose to be a plug and go situation. But it was hours upon hours of issues, had a tech come out who was there for five hours, NOTHING. The next day they tell me to come exchange the router and boom, plug and go like it was suppose to be. Such a PITA. 


We needed to get out of the house, away from the endless boxes so we jaunted over to the science museum. Our exploration place membership from Wichita gets us in, woohoo! 

Kids remembered a lot of it and had fun. This fix means more to us now after learning all about the fossils in western Kansas at the Sternberg museum. 

We ate at one of our old favorite spots: Cossetta's, although wasn't as good as we remember, haha.

Emma loves all the bunnies in our yard (above) and then either that night or the night before, Harpo had gotten out. We realized he was missing and started running the neighborhood. Then I remembered his TAG, he had my number on his collar so I went back home to find my phone and sure enough I had a bunch of miss calls and texts from someone that found him. His tag still said St Louis Park from when we lived there 2008-2016 :-) she was taking him to the SLP police station thinking he'd come all the way to Isles from there. When I told her where we lived she was pretty close. He must have run out through the garage when Kyle was trying to program the garage door openers in our car. The lady saw him just at the end of our alley so it hadn't been long... but he is old and senile, ran away from her trying to help him and INTO the lake. The lady jumped in and swooped him up. He was soaking wet when she brought him home, shaking like a leaf. We thought for sure that was the end of him since he's sold old and he'd never find his way home. So thankful for a nice neighbor. He hasn't gotten out since. He got a nice bath after that and probably slept like a rock. 

June 8th Wednesday

Still unpacking, Kyle had taken this week off of work, so it was nice having him around to help. Trying to fit in breaks too... which were easier to do AWAY from all the boxes. Got the paddle board aired up for the first time. Mary and I ventured out on it from the Lake of the Isles canoe launch which is a short .2 mile walk away, takes less 5 minutes to walk there. 

June 9th Thursday

Break to the beach, this day we all walked the other direction to the SECOND lake we are near, this is a little longer of a walk (maybe 5-10 minutes) but has a swimming beach. Spotted a turkey on the way!

Here's the map to show our routes: the red line is the path Mary and I paddle boarded the day before and then the purple line is the area where we paddle boarded from the beach. 

The water is SO clear! The kids all got blow up toys from our real estate agents, we just brought one with us: the lama. 

Trek back home, kids are all excited to fight over who gets to pull the wagon, go for it!


June 10th Friday

Thomas got a new bed, he loves sleeping in it. His built in bed is a full size, of course the size we don't have, haha. There was an Ikea trip this day to get some sheets and other odds and ends. 


Oh and I met up with my friend Michelle for a park playdate. 

June 11th Saturday

We had ordered this custom made island back in Kansas, for one to help spread the costs of all this new furniture out and because it was going to take so long to make we wanted something soon since we wouldn't have anything to eat on (still don't have a dining table). It came overnight from Texas. Which we were a little confusing since I thought it was getting made in Seattle... which is why we weren't as happy with it. Turns out the gal I bought it from had to hire help: one guy in central area (Texas) and another east coast because shipping prices were getting so high. Well he didn't do as good as work as we excptect... I ended up leaving an honest review on Esty for her, not bad but that it wasn't what we expected was lacking in sanding, some of the boards didn't line up the hardware needed to get hammered in again, etc... but still happy with is since it was gorgeous and custom made, one of a kind. Anyway she reached out to me asking me to change my review... I disagreed that it was honest not bad, 4 out of 5 stars. So I agreed to take it down, I couldn't just delete it so I reached out to Etsy... which they ended up doing an investigation into our texts and saw that she offered a refund for me to remove the review which goes against their policies... anyway big pain in the ass... but HERE it is. 

I had one thing of mulch we moved from the other house, found another at Costco and then ordered a few more from Costco online to get this back space spruced up with new mulch. I like this coconut stuff. 


This pencil is on the other side of the. lake from us. Cool story, used to be a tree, they wanted to preserve the trunk so had it sculpted into a pencil.

Sunday June 12th
Gave Isaac an assignment to make a power point for our family meeting to share with the family how the waste sorting goes (trash, recycles, organics) something to fill the time and communicate info ;-) 

That Sunday was spent with some more home depot trips, work around the house and preparing for Kyle to go back to work which involved traveling down to Wichita for the start of the week. Jumping right back into our new normal. I'll try to get these blogs done a week at a time to get caught up. Until next time. 

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