Tuesday, March 8, 2022

End of February Miscellaneous


Two's Day! Was Tuesday 2-22-22

Wednesday night we meet for our small group, so many kids in one space, lol. This isn't even all of them. There's our 4 plus two other families with 3 and two other families with 2 and one couple with 1. So when we are all present that's a LOTTA noise. By the grace of God we are able to meet in the other room for a short period of time to get some adult talk in about the previous weeks sermon. My kids love getting together with them and while it's utter chaos and absolutely crazy it's what makes life fun. 

Here's a pic from early in the month that Emma's teacher sent me when she got the leader award. 

Sunday February 27th I volunteered at our downtown YMCA's indoor triathlon. I counted laps for the first half the heats. Super fun to be there and help out. 

I got home in time for church, so we all did that. Then went home for Thomas to nap and squeezed in a trip to Exploration place in before they closed. The Floor is Lava exhibit closes before the museum so we went straight there and our kids were the last ones to get to go through it. They had to wait in line and since Thomas is too small to do it, I stayed with them cuz I hadn't seen it yet and Kyle took Thomas to explore the museum together. 


The museum work was handing out these when the kids completed the course, he only had one left and gave it to me to decided which of the three of mine would get it. I said we'd give it to baby brother since he's too little to do it and he missed out all together. Perfect plan! 

Monday we started back another session of swimming (February 28th was the first day but it'll run through March). I had signed up Isaac but then he decided he wanted to do basketball which was the same evenings. Thankfully they let me cancel him and gave us a refund so he's doing that which started March 2nd. Slow season is gone, back to activities. Swimming, baseball, baseball is starting soon, and Thomas and Emma are doing soccer starting after spring break. 

WOOHOO I'm caught up! 

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