Sunday, March 6, 2022

January 2022 Miscellaneous

 Mary received the leader of the month award in her class, I was able to attend the leadership assembly and see her get the award.

Video of Mary getting her award:

Thomas convinced me to let him have his afternoon rest time on the couch instead of in his bed... turns out I win because he did end up falling asleep :-P 

First virtual class of the year, in addition to my monthly in person yoga class I teach, I took on a monthly class to a corporation. 

Still enjoying Thursday coffee dates with this little dude. 


We have been blessed with our COVID testing resources in Wichita. We had an awesome experience back in Nov with quick drive up testing through the WSU diagnostic center. They were no longer taking patients due to their need to focus on running the city's tests, but the county opened up this huge operation of testing. I wasn't feeling well, neither was Kyle he had taken an at home test and was negative. I ended up being negative too. 

Thomas giving Harpo some love. 

Had a MUCH needed haircut! And embracing the gray it's been 6 months since I colored, letting the gray grow out. :-| it's an adjustment for sure. 

Speaking of hair, I got a new blow dryer to go with my new cut and used it on Emma. Mary wanted me to blow dry her hair too but I didn't want to use the brush blower, we used the other one. Her curls look great before bed :-) 

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