Sunday, March 6, 2022

Christmas Eve 2021

Between Branson and Christmas Eve we made a trip to the. library, enjoyed the fun outdoor space and the kids made a gingerbread house. 

Christmas Eve we had plans to meet up with some friends from our small group and then attend Christmas Eve church service together. But then Mary woke up sick :-( so plans canceled and we stayed home. We had bought some food to bring to the gathering and decided to make a charcuterie tree with it! 

I was super bummed for everyone to miss out on the candlelight service, its one of my favorite services of the year. So I got some candles so we could do our own at home while watching the live stream at church. 


You might notice Thomas missing... he got in trouble and was having to miss out on holding a candle, he's in the other room throwing a fit. 

Nothing like church in your PJs :-) 


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