Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thomas's Red Pee

 Forgot to add in this story So that Saturday morning Thomas had starting peeing a little bit of blood. He didn't tell us about it immediately and then later says "Oh yeah my pee is red". Hmm okay, let's investigate. So I watched him pee a couple more times and sure enough there was a drop or two of blood at the end of his stream. I wasn't sure if he had a cut next to his urethra or if it was indeed coming from inside. Well we had our plans and since he was in no way complaining of pain we went ahead with the dinner reservations and pushed fluids. We consulted our neighbor physicians (our in-house doc :-P ) and she ordered a urine test. We ended up getting the urine when we got home from parent night out and took it to the lab that evening because the following day we were heading out of town for a couple day trip in Branson. Why do things like this always happen when there's plan. Man plans, God laughs. 

We come back home and to top things off we have a POWER OUTAGE (Oh check the photo in my previous post of our back yard and how crazy bright the moon was - that was during the power outage). I tell ya Kansas is NOT made for the cold. 

Thankfully the power was out at bedtime so it was just time to go to sleep anyway. It was fun having candles out and the kids getting to experience how much electricity plays in a role in our privileged lives. 

The next morning, Sunday we got up and went to church. Still monitoring Thomas's urine output. This was a little clot possibly that I captured. Still not a ton of blood but something was going on. 

Our neighbor ordered a blood draw to check more things before we headed out of town. Since we weren't too concerned we wanted to check the bases we could. She also recommended an ultrasound of the kidneys but we did that when we got back. The urine came back normal, a slight elevation in calcium so thinking maybe he just had a little stone perhaps. Anyway Sunday afternoon we went into Wesley Children's Hospital to get a blood draw. Thomas did SO well and it felt good to put my child life mommy skills to work again. Heck, even though I've been off work for two years I sure have had to utilize my skill on my own kids! 

So brave and did awesome. 

After the blood draw we hit the road for our trip to Branson. Of course about an hour out of town we get a call from the lab saying they didn't get enough for another tube that was added on and asked if we could come back in for a redraw.... um nope, we were already over 80 miles away! Our docs ended up just making sure they ran the important labs with what they had and we left it at that. We did make it to Branson (which I will blog about next) we got back on a Tuesday and was going to go in for an ultrasound BUT he ate breakfast... and just barely! We were heading out the door to get Harpo and he ate a cracker on the way before I got the phone call about scheduling it NPO. DOH! So we scheduled it first thing next morning at our neighbor's clinic. The dad is a family physician with his own clinic and the mom is a pediatric ICU doc. So thankful for them!

So fast forward to Wednesday we arrive just down the street at the clinic... turns out the radiology company they use doesn't do KIDS! UG and refused to do Thomas. So they quickly called around and got us another appointment out west at Kansas Medical Center. SO we drove out there and got the ultrasound. Again star patient he did amazing and loved the attention. 

In the end we aren't exactly sure what it was. The ultrasound and blood showed up fine. He stopped peeing blood on that Tuesday we got home from Branson. So far he's been fine and hasn't had another occurrence. 

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