Sunday, March 6, 2022

New Years Day 2022

 WOOHOO I've made it to the same year! I promise I am going to get caught up and hopefully up to date so the posting date isn't so off from the event date. 

Anyway so January 1, 2022 IT SNOWED! So exciting, my kids really miss snow so even when it's just a dusting they go crazy and we get on ALL the snow gear and get out ALL the snow toys, lol. They even shoveled into piles to have more snow in one place to play with. 

We celebrated the new year by going to a movie! In a theater, crazy I know! HA! We saw the new Spider-Man movie. 

Time to say goodbye to our artificial tree. The middle row of lights went out just after Christmas (perfect timing) and instead of packing it away, moving it again, and trying to fix it I figured it's just time to part with it. I got this tree 10 years ago after an EXTENSIVE search for the PERFECT tree, lol. Isaac was a wee baby, and I remember driving all over the twin cities to find the perfect tree. I needed it a specific height because it was the tree we put in the basement at our Georgia Ave house and I wanted it to look good not super fake. So it's time to part ways, it was getting a little small for our needs and all the kids hanging their own ornaments. I ended up posting it on FB Marketplace and a gal wanted it that was on a committee for a non-profit holiday party and needed all the trees she could find. 

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