Sunday, March 6, 2022

Kansas Snow Days : Part One February 2-4

February started off real well. We got a snow storm dropping about four little inches of snow... but they cancelled school Wednesday for it. They cancelled it before a drop even hit the ground. Then school was cancelled on Thursday.... and Friday..... Seriously the roads here were awful, they don't have the means to clear the roads like they do in Minnesota. So it's crazy that a tiny snow storm can shut down a city for half a week. Kids enjoyed a 5 day weekend. 

Wednesday was fun, we played in it. I enjoyed shoveling it once again, haha. Miss my old shovel though. 

Thursday getting a little stir crazy. 

And Friday finally got out to enjoy sledding in Wichita. We went to the only hill nearby: College Hill and the kids had a blast. This also all happened in good timing because even though we didn't technically have to quarantine from the close contact on Sunday since they are vaccinated. We were stuck home anyway for any chance of possibility getting sick. Thankfully no one did get sick. 

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