Sunday, March 6, 2022

Christmas Day 2021 - New Years Eve

 Phew I am almost caught up... only a few months behind posting December events in March. But hey better late than never. 

Christmas morning arrived and the kids were so excited to open presents. Bright and early, luckily not before 6. 

I didn't capture a ton of photos and just realized I missed Emma... but here are some I did get. 

It's been a while since I did a time-lapse like I used to and the kids requested it this year so I prepared and had the camera lined up to capture photos, here's the video!

Isaac enjoying his putting green from Grandma Cindy:

I got us these cool wood carved map art. Thi sis Wichita, the Minneapolis one was back ordered and we just got it last week (first week of March) Now we have both! 


Isaac was pretty stoked about this family gift. Evening was spent taking turns playing. 


Girls got these cute necklaces from Gma C.

A few more pics not from Christmas Day:

December 29th enjoying some ice cream from Frost

Friday December 31st: the sunrise after teaching my 6am muscle pump class. Then the kids coming with me to the last minibarre I worked (I had been volunteering at this barre studio in the kid zone)

Capture some peaceful moments. 

New Years Eve, got out some old snap fire works that needed to be rid of. 

And an apple cider toast to ring in the new year. We stayed up to watch the ball drop in NYC.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Great things to come in 2022!!

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