Thursday, March 3, 2022

2021 Kyle's Birthday

 The kids were out of school starting Friday for Christmas break so we went to the zoo. (Only pic I got)

Saturday night we took the kids to Parent's Night Out at the Y (best way for us to get a date night, they get dropped off at 5:00 they get fed pizza, get to swim, play in the gymnastics area and we pick them up at 8:30. It's only $15 bucks a kid and worth it!)

We had made reservations for this super swanky place back in November then Emma got Covid and we couldn't go. So we made reservations again, can only get in with reservations and it's about a 20 minute drive to the middle of no where, lol. It's called Elderslie's Farm. They have a set menu and you pay for the whole multi course meal, option to add in beverages. It's a top Wichita experience so we sure sure wanted to get it in before we moved. The set set was beautiful as always behind us, here's a picture of the moon to the east:

It was a unique experience, it was cold (cold for Kansas) and they were attempted to get a fire going, HA! But smoked us out big time. We did get certificates for a return visit which we gave to our neighbors. 

The food was actually pretty amazing! Some of the best we've had in Wichita. Food is the biggest thing we miss from Minneapolis. You just can't find that fresh, healthy, good tasting food here. It's inundated with fried, soggy vegetables a lot of the places we got. Not this place. Fresh and fabulous!

Had to get a picture of this soup, looked like a porcupine, ha but it was good. 

Here's a puzzle Kyle got for his birthday and here's a picture of how bright that moon was the following evening. It was DARK outside but this light is ALL from the moon, so crazy! 


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