Sunday, March 6, 2022

Third week of February

Monday (Valentines Day) Kyle had to fly out of town for a work thing in Florida! Lucky... although he didn't get to enjoy the sights since this work thing kept him in a room with no windows most of the daylight hours. He was set to come home Thursday morning, in time for the kids' conferences and so I could teach my weekly Thursday night yoga class.  

We made jello Knox blocks for valentines day, cut them with a heart cookie cutter like my mom used to always do for Valentines Day. Oh and before Kyle left he had to take a home test and send it to his boss to verify he was covid free! LOL. 


Kyle's valentines day view:

Throughout the week I prepped for our upcoming Minnesota trip. We had another long weekend coming up, kids were off school Friday for conference week and Monday for Presidents day so we had a house hunting trip planned for Minneapolis. I made state line bags again for the kids with snacks in bags that they could open when we passed a state line. Fun way to keep a long trip from getting too boring. 

Wednesday came and a snow storm in the forecast... but at the time it was a gorgeous day and the kids were even outside playing baseball the weather was SO nice, 70s I think. 

then that evening, they cancelled school for THURSDAY! And then Kyle's flight was cancelled NO! Luckily we had a heads up. No bad weather but talk of it. I reached out to my supervisor because if I didn't have someone to watch the kids I wouldn't be able to teach. I did reach out to our sitter and had her on back up. But when the time came I had my supervisor cancel my class, weather was bad I knew no one would be there most likely and I would have to pay my sitter way over what I'd get paid for the class, so not worth it. 

Kyle was able to get on another flight but not until evening so instead of arriving at 10am as planned he got home about 10:30pm. Frustrating since we were planning our drive to Minnesota the next day. 

Little snow play on a snow day. Oh and the kids conferences were cancelled because of school being called off. We did have Isaac's still but the girls were postponed. 


Breakfast for dinner, pigs in a blanket. 


Kyle is almost home! A big sucky thing about Wichita is that it's impossible to fly out of. On his trip there he had to fly to Chicago first then Florida. On his flight home he had a layover in Atlanta. 

Emma lost a top tooth on Thursday! And here's a pic of her watching a movie she protested about, haha. Doesn't seem to be complaining much now. We got a new mini-golf course for the VR this week Shangra-La and the hard level had floating lanterns. I suggested we watch Tangled because of the part where she see's the lights. Emma insisted we watch something else and threw quite the fit.... but then she was so into it she gave up her time on the VR. Since the VR (virtual reality) is only one person at a time we tend to take turns and make it about one or two times through everyone before the battery dies. We've really enjoyed this mini-golf game as a family. It has a lot of fun courses, hidden balls to find, and a fox hunt to earn new putters. 


That conlcudes up to mid-February. YAH getting caught up as I write this on March 6th. Next up will be our trip to Minnesota (spoiler alert we don't find a house). Then hopefully will be up-to-date before our spring break at the end of this week. 

Toothless girls:

Oh and I'll sign off with this little bundle of joy.. haha. Need a break from blogging. Phew!

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