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Branson Christmas

 December 19th - 21st, 2021

We wanted to take the kids to Silver Dollar City to experience it in all it's wonder. Both Kyle and I have experienced it numerous times as kids, so while it wasn't a 'BIG' deal to us, it was still a fun past time that we wanted to share with our kids given the opportunity of only being 5 hours away. 

We left after Thomas's blood draw on a Sunday. We had booked the night before and the night after at an AirBnB so while we were flexible with our visit we still wanted to get there Sunday evening. We stopped for dinner in a college town in Kansas just before the Missouri border. This town is called Pittsburg but unlike the Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania they don't have an H on the end. We drove the Main Street and saw all the fun Christmas lights then had dinner at a brewery called Drop the H (get it since the town doesn't have an H on the end)

It was DELICIOUS! They had wood fire pizza which we miss a ton. Why can't a place like this be in Wichita? Once we got our belly's full it was back on the road. Kids ended up falling asleep before we got to our condo. But we were still able to get straight to bed. 

The next morning we woke up and went around the corner to this breakfast place, only about a 45 minutes wait at Billy Gail's. Sadly the table next to us had a big family of grandkids to grandparents and a little boy got sick (vomit)... then we hear them as they leave "See you at silver dollar city in a bit". Seriously! That's been the whole problem with this global pandemic, when you're sick STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE! Since they had cleaned up in the bathroom I didn't let the kids use the restroom their... which was fine cuz we went back to the condo right after we were finished. We ended up meeting my dad near our condo for a quick hello. He was on his work route driving parts from store to store and was driving by right where we were. Timing worked out perfectly for a quick hug and chat. 


We gave the kids a driving tour of the infamous Branson Strip 

It sure has changed since I was little (and so much hasn't at the same time). We drove all the way to the Landing before turning around and heading to Silver Dollar City for the day. The gates opened earlier than the park and since it didn't open til noon we wanted to make use of daylight time so got there early. 

The kids have done rides at small amusement parks (mall of America) and state fairs, but this was their first big amusement park when you can do rides without having to pay for each one separately. We started off small with the carousel. 

Then Kyle took the older three on Thunderation, their very first roller coaster. While Thomas and I waited for them we found some food to snack on. These were chips on a stick. 

After the long wait, it was time to move to rides Thomas could do. He was so patient waiting for them. We went to the kiddy area and they all rode some of those rides. 

We ate the snacks we brought and bought some cinnamon bread (fancy cinnamon roll). We hit that up just in time because about an hour later it had a line down the block to get in the building. 
Next up was the train ride. 

Maybe before the train (or after can't remember) there were a few more rides had and LOTS of bathroom trips. Since Thomas did have that urinary issue he was having to go to the bathroom a TON! Kyle took Isaac and Mary on an upside down roller coaster. While we waited I rode this push/pull ride with both the kids separately first with Thomas and then with Emma as it was a two person ride. 
We had BBQ for dinner then hit a show: 

After the show the lights had started to come on as the sun went down, we made our way over to the last right of the day "Fire in the Hole" which we all rode together, about a 30 minutes wait in line. Thomas loved it! It was fun and just as I remembered. 


We did stay for the late parade, but kids were pretty cranky by this point and we left right after. Fun FULL day! 

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