Wednesday, April 6, 2022

March Madness (Not Basketball)

 We are living March Madness of life, haha! Here I am only a month behind :-) which is on par, hopefully I can get to a place where I update the blog monthly. Only problem, or not problem but issue THIS month is that SO MUCH HAPPENED! I have a whole spring break road trip to blog, I flight to Minneapolis, house hunting, FINDING a house! WOOHOO! and then all the other stuff in between. Which I hope will be this March miscellaneous post. 

Starting at the beginning. Thomas threw a shovel at Mary outside, which caused a pretty good laceration on her nose bridge. We used some super glue to keep it closed. Second picture is of it a couple weeks later:

So cool to have donkeys at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) when the kids learned about Jesus riding in on a donkey. It's been a joy and treasure to serve on the BSF leadership team the past two years. I'm not sure I'll pick back up with leadership in Minneapolis, will definitely attend as a class member but still praying about the leadership piece. 

Isaac was awarded the leadership of the month in his class. I got to attend the assembly. Also the mask mandate was lifted to take place when everyone returns from spring break. 

Emma lost both front teeth! She lost it at school. 

1:1 time with Thomas, checking out the new bubble tea spot. 

Beautiful day, Saturday March 5th went to the park. 

Prepping for our spring break road trip. New Mexico will be a new state for all of us! The kids will also get to go to Texas for the first time. 


Swimming resumed for the month of March. Mary's outfit cracks me up. 

Oiy a haircut for Harpo. He does NOT like it these days. But he feels so much better afterward. Wanted to get him trimmed for his trip to the boarding resort while we go on our road trip. 

Isaac is a reader!

After swimming stop at Jimmy John's. Isaac choose to do basketball instead of swimming this session. He has basketball from 6-8 on Monday and Wednesday and the other three have swimming on Mon and Wed from 5-5:30. Makes for a difficult dinner, we had to split up. Isaac and Kyle eat before basketball and the four of us eat after. 

Thursday coffee date with Thomas! March 10th

Heading to the boarding house. Such a sweet boy. 

The night before our trip, Emma fell out of bed and smacked her head on her book shelves. EEK pretty side laceration. Super Glue to the rescue again! It's healed nicely, I'll try and post a pic in the April post. 

------> Spring Break Posting separately <-------

Harpo was TIRED when he got home after our trip, longest time he'd spent at the boarding. He looked great when we picked him up, but was super tired all weekend and started to not eat as much. At the time we didn't think much of it because he had a busy week and probably filled with anxiety being away from us. 

----> The next weekend (March 18-20) I went to Minneapolis, I'll post about this separately <-----

So at this point it'd been a little over a week since Harpo was home from the pet resort and his eating was just not good. He was only eating about one meal every other day, when his norm is twice a day. He was eating his dry food better and picking out his wet food and putting it to the side. He was still taking his pills in his Vienna sausages fine. I was getting concerned he was so weak and frail. On Tuesday March 29th, I whipped up a batch of rice and chicken and called the vet to schedule him in for Friday (April 1). The chicken and rice DID help and he started eating better. He was already looking better on Friday for his appointment. I'll post more about that later as well. He's doing alright now, just getting old. He's 15 and a half years now.  

Gobbling up the chicken and rice

Quite the egg haul after my trip!!! I asked Kyle if they just forgot to get them, he said every time he checked for eggs someone was laying in this box and he would only get a couple a day and thought they were just holding out. LOL nope! 


Haven't posted about the chickens lately but they are still such a joy to watch! They are so beautiful and spoiled yet! We take really good care of them and let them roam the yard, which is why they look so good and healthy. They get fed really good food (spoiled!). When chickens are penned up with each other for a long time they tend to peck at each other and loose some feathers. These girls are full and gorgeous! I have just loved getting to know them and see God's creatures in a new light. I will sure miss them, we plan to give them to a friend when it's time to leave. 

Girls enjoying this lovely weather, playing in the playset. 


Thomas, sneaking in a nap going to pick up the kids from school. 

Run club started March 24th. Isaac is running and Emma signed up later, but I'm helping out and running with the group as well. There's 40+ kids, we run twice a week Tuesday and Thursday after school. We do about a 1.8 mile loop in the neighborhood and there are various running groups, fast, medium fast, runner, walker/joggers. I'm usually in the medium fast group. Was in the fast group the first time to just depends on where help is needed. But the fast group typically does four laps, the others do 3 and the walkers joggers do 2. It's been fun, we're working toward a 5K at the start of May. 

Checked the lost and found at school for a plaid jacket we've lost. I didn't find what I was looking for but I did find THREE of Mary's jackets! WTF?!? Didn't even realize these were gone. Of course ours is the vikings hoodie, no one else has that here, lol. 

Isaac lost a tooth! One of his front molars, it wasn't attached to his braces but has been wiggly for a while. He should be getting his braces off soon. We find out tomorrow (April 7th) if they will come off before we move, or if we need to I'm okay with making a trip down to get them off later this summer. 

Last day of swimming. Thomas missed the last week because he had a cough and wasn't feeling well. We've loved this swim school, such good instruction and they are all becoming great swimmers. Just need to work on endurance now, don't we all :-) 

March 30th, it SNOWED! This Kansas weather is crazy! Snow covered ground in the morning, bright sun, no snow in the afternoon for run club, lol. 

Final day of March. We were gearing up to show the house to some people that heard we were moving word of mouth. We aren't planning to list until we move, so was dreading the big deep clean. I had tried calling a few different cleaners but couldn't get anyone to come help me so it was all on us. So glad on the other side of it now! But part of that was getting the dining room light replaced, it was awful. So my plan was to take the living room light down, put up a new one then move that light to the dining room to get rid of the 50-75 pound brass light half hanging off the ceiling. 

I got to work, started to take it down, then discovered it was wired up behind the beauty light (decor disc). UGH So I put it back, tried to get the disc down then realized I needed another hand. So started to put it back up to wait til Kyle was hope and heard a POP! I had heard that sound before with old wires and decided it was time to call a professional. SO thankful for an electrician that was able to come over later that afternoon! WHAT a blessing. He helped me get my lights where I wanted and all before the end of the day! Phew! Dodged a bullet there. That beauty disc was a PITA

Whew, Okay that was a lot but got all the way through March, minus two more really long posts coming. I'll break up our spring break trip in daily posts to share that exciting trip. 
More coming soon!

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