Thursday, April 7, 2022

Amarillo, Texas Spring Break {Day 2-3} March 12th-13th

Saturday morning we woke up and drove about 20-30 minutes to Palo Duro Canyon. We heard it's like the mini-grand canyon of Texas. We were welcomed by some deer as we pulled up to the State Park. 

First glance, gorgeous!

It was pretty chilly out at this point. About 35-40 degrees and windy. We weren't doing so well outside and the plans to hike were not going well with the kids. We walked down to the little visitor center and spent some time looking through their little museum. 

They had a binocular set looking at the rock light house: 

We did a driving tour down into the canyon and through the state park. It was a few mile loop or so. 

Stopped for a quick family photo, starting to get a little warmer as the sun got higher in the sky.

We left the state park and drove back to Amarillo for lunch. We went to a Mexican restaurant suggested by my best friend who's husband is from Amarillo. I just HAD to try the avocado margarita... interesting.  


Then we utilized our science museum membership's passport program to check out the Children's Museum in Amarillo. Good way to break up the day and let the kids play and explore. 

After that we went on a little wild goose hunt searching for this Route 66 Visitor Center so I could get a pressed penny. We filled up with gas, got some groceries, found the visitor center. 

Then went back to the hotel to drop off the groceries and get a snack then we went BACK to Palo Duro because our pass was good for all day and it had warmed up. We really wanted to explore more and so glad we did. The hiking was probably top three of our whole trip. 

Everyone else was coming to the park too, we had to wait quite a while to get into the park. 


We first did the CCC Trail hike which is the one up by the visitors center. Then we drove down into the canyon and stopped at the Rock Garden Trail. 

Beautiful sun setting on our drive out of the park. We went back to the hotel and the kids had an evening swim. I think we just ate at the hotel. 

The next morning was morning two in Amarillo and time to pack up and check out. Kyle and I each took turns working out each morning. I had to snap a photo of the waffle iron before leaving! lol. We also desperately needed a car wash so found some Starbucks and a car wash. We had left Wichita in a snow storm and the van was unrecognizable. 

Before completely leaving Amarillo we had to hit Cadillac ranch on the way out of town. We had to park and walk out to the field. It was about 50 degrees and REALLY windy! 

Pretty crowded as you can see, but the kids found some paint cans on the ground and had a lot of fun spraying the cars. 


We made one more pit stop at a gas station just west of there then hit the highway into New Mexico. 

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