Sunday, April 24, 2022

Easter 2022

Two weeks ago (the weekend before Easter) we attended our neighborhood church's Easter egg hunt. This is the church where Thomas's preschool is located (not where we got to church). Our neighbors were there too so that was fun! They had a petting zoo and activities inside. We saw the sign that it started at 3:00 so got there at three but the egg hunt wasn't until 4:00 so we were there a lot longer than planned, haha. We rode our bikes because it was a gorgeously warm day. 

This chicken had a leash on:

Time for the egg hunt. 

Isaac's age group hunted harder to find eggs in the playground. 


Fast forward almost a week later, Easter weekend. We attended Good Friday service at our church at noon. They used these graphics in the sermon, so good. 


That weekend we just laid low and enjoyed a weekend of no activities. We worked on organizing some and doing fun things like building a chicken coop cookie house:

Saturday we went to a movie! 

Sunday we went to church, then went and played miniature golf :-) 


Later that afternoon we had an egg hunt for the kids, hid them around the yard. Each kiddo had their own color to find so we made the blue (Thomas's) easier to find and the orange (Isaac's) the hardest to find.

And some chicken love (although I did post a whole blog about them) These photos were from Easter.

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