Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week-o Ten-o

Week 10 blogsize

#64: Wedding Cake Topper in China Cabinet: This day we got a china cabinet from craigslist. I had been wanting a china cabinet every since we got married to store our wedding artifacts in. This was my favorite part of getting that cabinet... to display the cake topper I had made just for our wedding. It matches what we wore as well as has our little Harpo on it.

#65: Work Wheat Sunrise: I happen to just snap a few shots this morning and that was all that I took the whole day. I wasn't very impressed with what I got, but I guess it was something to work with. I jumped out of my car in my work parking lot and a few cars had piled up behind me so I was rather rushed. But it was a beautiful morning and I just wanted to capture it.

#66: Museum Trip: Tuesday I went to the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul with my friend Lisa and her two boys. It was a fun day to hang out with a friend and also watch the boys enjoy the museum.

#67: Harpo is a big boy: This was the first night at our attempts to let harpo have run of the house (well living room and kitchen) while we are away. We had tried back when we first moved into the house over a year ago... but he became a crazed paper shredder while we were away. Now that he's almost three - I think it's time to try this again, so far so good!

#68: My Nikon: So the view changes.... this is what has been taking all my pictures :-)

#69: 409 Fall Exchange: About a year before I got married I joined an internet group on 'The Knot'. It was a group for brides all getting married in April of 2009. Since then a group of us have become fairly close and talk pretty much everyday. After our weddings we moved to a private board and carry on daily conversation there - we call ourselves 'Team 409' (get it 4-April 09-year hee hee). Well for fall we did a 'fall food exchange'. We all signed up on a group on and it randomly picks name for you. So we each got assigned another gal and baked goods or gathered fun fall/halloween goodies and sent them to each other. This is my package from the lovey Amy of Georgia :-) How she guessed I was a funky sock fan, was a great surprise!! And the chocolate chip banana bread was MMMmmmm good!!!

#70: Fall Tree: I drive by this tree almost everyday. The past few days I have loved how the yellow leaves and dark trunk stick out. It has been rainy lately and I haven't really had a chance to stop and get a photo. So while the sun was out shortly this morning I went and got a picture of it. I just love the contrast of the leaves and branches... God's creation is too beautiful!

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SaraV said...

I have camera envy!

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