Friday, October 23, 2009

He's growing up

be a good boy harpo

A few nights ago I thought it was time to try and leave Harpo out of his crate again....

We have tried this before, with not much success. He is excellent at not having any potty accidents, but it's the chewing and separation anxiety that has been the issue. He loves his crate, he even gets in it sometimes when we're home. But when there are days like Wednesday was, when if I didn't leave him out he'd be in it for over 14 hours, I would much rather know he wasn't closed in a box for that long.

067 getting left alone

About two years ago when we had tried, he ended up chewing up the presents under the Christmas tree. My mom had to use a taped up gift certificate... luckily they still accepted it.

We have tried since we lived in the house and came home to find what looked like a paper shredder had puked all over the house.

So after some time we tried again, for a short 4 hour period... and condensing his 'free' space to the kitchen and living room. (and leaving the TV on for some company for him)

see you soon harpo

And he did EXCELLENT! I even left him for another 5 hours today while I went to work and he did perfect again! Hopefully this is something we can start doing.

Isn't he just a cutie patootie!?!

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