Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Spirit

Have you ever seen Christmas Vacation??  Well we have a Clark Griswold living in our neighborhood as well. Although his favorite holiday isn't Christmas....
062 neighbors halloween decor

It's Halloween!

neighbor halloween house wm
Yes this is their house, they did this last year as well... probably EVERY year. When Harpo and I were walking by, the owner happen to pull up and walk inside. I tried to make small talk asking him if he does that all by himself. He said "My wife and I do it"
neighbor halloween roof wm

He also said "We are only about halfway there.... we have more to put up"  I thought... Seriously, you've got to be kidding me.  I think you've got the point across that you are avid halloween fans!
Neighbor halloween decor wm

He's not the only one that goes crazy for Halloween. There is another house about a few streets down that has something similar... just not as over the top. Pretty much every other house has SOMETHING in their yard for Halloween.

Could it be that Anoka ( a town about 25 miles north of us) claims to be the Halloween capital of the world?!?! Yes this is true...

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