Saturday, October 24, 2009

Museums and Cropping

Last week I met a friend, Lisa and her two boys in downtown St. Paul. We all went to the Minnesota Children's Museum. It was quite fun! Getting to play with all the kiddie stuff again.. although if I ever went back with-OUT children in tow I might look a little creepy, lol. But still it was fun to watch her boys explore what it had to offer. We even got to experience a little 'Spooky Woods' exhibit that they had set up for the Halloween season.

066 Museum with Lisa

I choose this picture to share with you because I wanted to show what a little crop action can do.

I had snapped this picture while on the other side of a some plexiglass, it's Lisa's son: Eldon. I liked the pretty leaves and being able to see him head on.

But when I opened up the picture when I got home, I really wasn't impressed with the huge glare that showed up.... but really all it took was a little cropping to make the picture workable again.
DSC_0570into this: 066 Museum with Lisa

That was my little mini-lesson for the day :-) hee hee
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