Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009

submitted by Kyle

AAAAHHHH...Oktoberfest! The yearly tradition that is as much autumn as football season and Thanksgiving. This is the second annual Oktoberfest that Daisy and I have gone to with my ol' college pal/best man/drinking buddy Matt.

This is of us at Gastof's, our Oktoberfest of choice.

Here is a shot pre-Oktoberfest:
gasthof zur gemutlichkeit

Round 1, note my hat...Daisy made that for me last week. Pretty nice huh, yeah I'm a lucky guy.

matt kyle daisy oktoberfest

Ok next we see a giant pointy hammer and some nails. You are probably thinking that it may be a bad idea to be drinking large quantities of alcohol and wielding this enormous hammer. I agree, but Daisy was determined to win an extra special prize that she believed she could no longer live without. So like the manly men that Matt and I think we are (Daisy played too) we sought out to win her the prize...and lost badly.

Luckily we bartered with the gentleman who won (and his crabby wife) to get Daisy an unbelievable, outstanding, fantastic pair of...


gloves? I know they don't even have fingertips, but oh well a woman wants what she wants.

hammerschlagen prize

I guess they are unique; so with her happy we moved on with the festivities. Oktoberfest is held in two big tents in the parking lot. Grills and bars line the tents with a band playing in the corner (thank goodness this year they played more than just polka!)

my prized gloves

As you know, the best part of any large get-together is the people, and Oktoberfest is no different. People in funny hats and lederhosen were abound, just look at this funny looking leprechauny German guy.

lil german man

Tell me that doesn't look like a happy leprechauny German man! I smile every time I see this picture.

happy little german man

Next, we move on to the main Oktoberfest tradition...DAS BOOT! That is 64 ounces of beer, equal to a half gallon. After a few minutes of enjoyment and bubbles; when the air gets to the toe of the boot a big bubble emerges and splashes your face with beer, you have to know the secret to not letting that happen which I have down :-).

Matt drinking das boot

Don't we look so happy with ourselves?

funny faces

No story would be worth telling that did not involve lost love. This is Matt with his Minneapolis love Sylvia. At the end of Oktoberfest 2008 Matt was torn from her grasp by the jealous love birds Kyle and Daisy to force him to leave beautiful Sylvia and take him home. But, maybe it was not to be, Matt believed he had Sylvia's email address and that night he would write a love letter wooing her to be with him. I proofread the message to translate it from gibberish to English, but alas Sylvia did not respond.

silvia matt 08

We had not forgot about dear Sylvia and who should we happen to find as the hostess...Sylvia!

kyle silvia matt 09

Again Matt and I spoke for a long while with Sylvia, and true to form Matt got her email again. I will have to keep you updated on this love tale for the end has not yet presented itself!

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