Monday, October 19, 2009


Fall Harpo

There are many blogs I try and keep up with, but one I fancy a lot is The Pioneer Woman's blog. I have talked about her before, but there's always stuff worth sharing. She had a recent photography assignment of texture. She has group set up on flickr where readers post their photos. She then posted three groups of photos on HER blog and today she will pick three winners from those groups.  Well none of my three photos were picked (it's safe to say there were over 300 entries.... when she has contests on her blog there are over 37,000 entries)

But I didn't let that stop me from sharing them with you. Just because they weren't featured on her blog... doesn't mean I can't feature them on my blog... RIGHT?

my snuggle bug

That little assignment has sparked my passion again. While out and about I have been finding more things to add to my texture collection... bed of leaves, mossy bark, scratched cement sidewalk..... it's rather fun. If you notice in my past two blogs, I used texture on the picture of the escalator and at the halloween house. It's kinda addicting... there is so much to do post editing, that I don't really think I give myself enough time to sit and work with it all, makes for some fun, spiced up shots.

When I first read about PW's assignment I first thought about the shot of the boat garages... which now looking back I'm not really happy with the texture I added at all (this was before I ventured out to get my own textures). It was my first texturized photo... and well I can safely say I really didn't know what I was doing:
boat garages w texture

Here's the tutorial that shows how to add texture to photos in photoshop.

Thanks for reading!

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SaraV said...

I love the texturizing technique. I'm so jealous of your great pics you take. I really need to get my butt in gear and use my PS program.

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