Saturday, October 10, 2009

First snow "oh-nine"

We woke up this morning to a snow covered world!  The first snow of the season!
056 First Snow

Now hopefully next year when I ask the yearly question "when was the first snow last year?" I can revert back here to refresh my memory. I don't remember it being this early last year... but then again I always say that too :-)  I think this year will be easier to remember, since Kyle's friend, Matt, is here visiting and today is his birthday!

Also to follow up on my last post - while driving home from our outing today, Kyle wanted to show Matt his NEW SCHOOL! :-) so I had to stop and get a picture of it... hee hee I'm just like my momma!

University of St. Thomas (UST) - Opus College of Business
UST sign wm

Kyle UST wm

PS: In case you were wondering it was 38 degrees when I took this picture... YUP winter has arrived, oh wait I take that back, winter is here when it drops below 32 and doesn't get warmer until March/April!!!!!! That's Minnesota for ya! Oh you betcha!

PPS: Hand holding in low light OUTSIDE is much easier ;-)

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