Thursday, October 8, 2009

Uninvited Guests

When we moved into our house I did a LOT of blogging about all the work we have done and continue to do. You might remember this post... talking about a composter we have that we keep in the backyard.

Well I FINALLY got to use some compost! While my mom was visiting we got some soil and made a second pot for our strawberries to overflow in. So I mixed some of the compost soil in that, and I also topped off one of the house plants I have (well it was outside until about a week ago when it decided to frost here and it was time for it to become a house plant again).

house plant

Now it is back in it's old spot, by the window in our dining room.

Except something is different, can you see it?
guests moving in

The compost has caused little visitors to sprout up... I wonder what they are?
compost visitors

Should I wait and find out or try and get rid of them? Although I think they are just going to continue to come back. maybe we'll get some fruit for the winter :-)



SaraV said...

That's funny about your compost. You should wait and see what happens.

mom said...

some of them look like tomatos to me
Fair Grove Mom

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