Friday, October 30, 2009

My Normal

my feet

Before my husband and I got married we did a seven week pre-marriage class with 3 other couples. (the best thing I think we could have done in preparation for marriage) One thing we talked about, that ended up making a lot of sense was 'our normal'.  Getting married is the unity of two separate, different families... yeah on the surface that is kind of a duh statement, but really have you thought about it?  A spouse is just more than a person... they are what they grew up with, what their parents grew up with and so on. Some families learned to dunk their peanut butter sandwiches... others learned not to. Some families learned that you keep the door shut when you go to the bathroom, while others were care free and visited with their brothers while taking a poop and the other is in the shower.  Even things such as when you have something to say you say it even if it's not nice verses you never say anything not nice, you just keep it to yourself and bottle it up.  When a couple starts their own family, all these things collide to 'his way' 'her way'... but what we learned is it's 'our normal'... and recognizing this from the beginning and accomodating each other is one step closer to happiness :-)

That just brings me to share my normal... my halloween normal :-)

Growing up we ALWAYS dressed up. It was fun! And my mom was the BEST costume maker! We would go all out, because well it was fun and that's what we just did.  I remember one year, third grade I think, I was going to be a genie and not just any genie, not just a genie that you bought off the rack at Osco-Drug... a UNIQUE genie that only my mother would make and only I would be wearing!!! 

I remember that evening clearly, it was just me and my mom in the front seat... buckled in to probably the only two seat belts located in that big white hoss of a van... hey it was the early 90's you didn't really wear seatbelts if you weren't in the front seat.  We had just found the perfect material at the FM store and were headed home on hwy 65. When out of NO WHERE came this big brown blog, right in front of us. There was nothing else to do but to hit it... I remember seeing a head fly left, some legs fly right and a body fly over us! Luckily our tank would not let a wondering deer stop us... although it did cause some grill damage. I then cried, I was scared and sad that the pore little deer was now shredded to pieces. But I will never forget that halloween year. And I will never forget our dedication to have a kickass halloween costume.

**Later I learned that the deer wasn't shattered to pieces... but for some reason that is the image I held.

costume set up

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Anonymous said...

I can see it in my mind, the deer tumble head over heels a couple of times. i cryed also. & i did stop to check the front end to see if the radiator was damaged.
the fabric WAS perfect, pink satin for the top w/ metalic gold fring aroung the bottom of it, flesh colored knit for the long pants & sparkly sheer knit for the puffy over pants.

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