Monday, October 5, 2009

the Seventh week

Well I managed to do it! I managed to get a whole week with all out door shots. It was a little hard toward the end of the week when it was raining non-stop all day... so one might have been cheating a little since I was in my car when I took it :-)

Week 07 blogsize

Also I forgot to pay attention to my landscape::portrait ratio... therefore making my collage a little out of wack.. but oh well, it works.

#43: blooming bushes: I've been waiting all summer for these bushes to bloom. We knew they were fall bloomers but just not sure when they would bud. I noticed the first bud on September 16th when I was leaving the house to pick up my mom from the airport. Now they are covered in white! They have really done well since we planted them and they make the front of our house look nice!

#44: canopy trees: I am standing on our street corner to get this shot. When I was driving to work that morning I got the photo bug to snap these two trees canopying the street. Luckily by the time I got home and got my camera out the sun was setting which made the sky even prettier.

#45: city railroad: I drive by this scene everyday on my way to and from work. So I finally stopped to take a shot before the sun set too low. The bike and running trail we use is to the right in this shot. I just love that I can see the city skyline from a few blocks from my house.

#46: fall leaves: I took a walk around a lake near where I work... trying to find some colorful leaves! I just couldn't pass up this shot! I love it!

#47: Lucy in the Rain: As most of you know I'm on a continual Peanut Hunt. Even though it was raining this day, I had a half day off from work so I wanted to utilize my afternoon. The rain was on and off but of course when I found some, it started pouring. Makes for a nice photo though doesn't it?

#48: rearmirrorview: Okay this day was rather hard to get a shot outside... due to the yucky weather... but this counts right?

#49: Iowa Windmill farm: Driving home we have to go south on interstate 35... and south... and south.... well you get the point, it's a long road through Iowa. BUT one of my favorite parts, something that I always look forward to... is the field of windmills! I'm trying to talk Kyle into my plan of: next trip to Missouri, we get up super early so I can be at this spot for sunrise... he doesn't like that idea ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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SaraV said...

I like the pic of the flowering bushed in front of your house!

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