Friday, October 9, 2009

Go Team Go!

Sorry I'm a little behind on getting Sunday's pictures up, but better late than never... right?
game day
Last weekend we went to Kansas City for a Chief's game! A friend of mine gave us tickets for a wedding present a while ago, and we picked Game 4 against the Giants to attend.  First we had to pull out the ol' chief's jersey's in the back of our closets :-)

But once we entered the arrowhead stadium gates, Kyle's love for the chief's came rushing back!  Even if the chief's can't win a game very often, their fans SURE do know how to go all out with tailgating!!!
they go all out

There were even personal outhouses!
tailgating outhouse

First we had to find our parking spot. Since my friend, Sheryl's brother works for Arrowhead, we got awesome tickets AND awesome parking. Red Reserve thank you very much!
red vip parking

Here's our neighbor's tailgating:
tailgating in the red zone

And this is my kind of tailgating:
my idea of tailgating

We were 'embraced' by the Star Spangled banner played by rock band Kiss's guitarist Ace Frehley. Pretty exciting since it was the first time EVER, that he'd played for a game.
Ace Frehley star spangled

I was a little upset that I couldn't bring my camera into the stadium... and of course I had thought about packing my point & shoot, but didn't want to mess with it. Luckily I had my camera phone!  This is also the reason I have probably been putting this post off because I was rather mad I couldn't take pictures inside... but oh well, right?  I'll make due with what I have.
chiefs losing

Overall it was a great time, NFL games are always fun, no matter if the home team are a bunch of losers ;-)
reflection self portrait
(I love the relflection in Kyle's glasses in this above one ^)

aren't camera phones awesome!?

daisy kyle in stands

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