Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We have a thing for Brew Co's

Somewhere along the way on our journey of life, Kyle and I have developed a thing for Brewing Companies!
lunch stop

I remember probably the first time we started this tradition.... it was Spring of 2007 and we were living in Atlanta. We found this quaint little bar & restaurant which just happened to be a brewing company. Gordon Biersch Brewing Company.... ahh the best Hefeweizen I have ever tasted.... to this day I continue to try hefeweizens only to find out I'm really not a fan of all hefeweizen's just Gordon Biersch's! Anyway back to little brew co's.... it's fun to try a drink that you've either a) never tried before or b) never want to try again. So when we go to these little brew co's there is no point in wasting money or pints of beer we might not even like. So we always get the sampler. Ya know it's a few ounces of each beer they brew and Kyle and I just split it. So it's the best of ALL worlds!

Well we found another little Brew Co. on our trip through Iowa this past weekend. Since we really weren't in any rush to make it to Kansas City, we decided to get off the highway going through Des Moines and actually eat lunch at a restaurant... because all the other times we drive through Des Moines we are trying to get back on the road ASAP. We found this cozy little placed called Court Avenue Brewing Company (or CABCo for short).

So of course we have to order the sampler, because well, like I said, it's the best thing about brewing companies. They all have their own style of brews!

There was Two Rivers Light, Belgian White, Kaplan Hat HefeWeizen, Topping Pale Ale, Pointer Brown Ale, BlackHawk Stout, the seasonal draft which was Oktoberfest, AND this one that I just had to get a picture of just for my brother:
honest lawyer

So we tasted a few beers, had our lunch and also got to see Colonel Sanders (notice him in the background of this shot):
daisy cabco

Hee hee! Thanks for reading!

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