Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 8 of 52

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#50: 10-4-09: Chiefs Game: Kyle and I got tickets from our friend Sheryl as a wedding present. We drove down on a Saturday and back home on a Sunday! It was fun to go to Arrowhead stadium again. They are crazy tailgaters!

#51: 10-5-09: Clean Pooch: Harpo had to go to the pet hotel over the weekend while we went to Kansas City. He was in need of a bath before we took him, but REALLY in need of one after we picked him up. AHH he's all nice and clean now. AND I used this free sample shampoo and conditioner we got from the woofstock fair, it was REALLY nice, made him smell good for days and made his hair silky soft.

#52: 10-6-09: Order In: When we don't feel like cooking or going out we'll order Chinese/sushi. It works out perfectly because Kyle gets Chinese food and I get some sushi rolls!

#53: 10-7-09: Baby Hat: I have a lot of preggo friends, so I decided to make a few baby hats as gifts. This was my first one. I also made a little 'studio' light box (idea from Digital Photography School website) to make my pictures appear better.

#54: 10-8-09: Uninvited Guests: I added some compost soil to one of my house plants to top off the pot... a few weeks later this is what I found.

#55: 10-9-09: We began an Oktoberfest tradition last year (2008) and had our second annual event this year when Matt came to visit. Last year Matt was obsessed with the coat checker he met named Sylvia. To our surprise she was there AGAIN this year! Kyle and I were SOOO happy when we walked in and she was there. Matt on the other hand was a little embarrassed. But sure enough he ended the night talking to her for an hour or so.

#56: 10-10-09: first snow: Had to capture this for my shot of the day... the first snow of the season! Luckily it's not here to stay... yet.... but still a shock that it came so soon, October 10th!!! Is this suppose to represent the winter to come, oh boy!

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Tish said...

Kent went to the KC/Giants game too! He's a huge Giants fan and was probably one of those crazy tailgaters.

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