Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One man's junk...

Is my temporary treasure!!!

We finally found a china cabinet for the dining room! With Kyle going back to school we decided we should probably create a little study area in the dining room. We have plenty of room in there, it has just been used up by boxes. Since the wedding I have had lots of things I've wanted to display in a china cabinet, but well we didn't have one. So these things have been sitting in boxes, collecting dust... and bugs.

The search started a while ago, looking for a china cabinet that is. I kept checking craigslist, looking for something that would work. We didn't want to spend more than about $200... well the weekend before we had found one that we had liked more than any of the others. They were asking $499.... a little steep for a used china cabinet that was an hour away from the cities. So I offered her $300 and she said they had an offer at $400... I told her to keep us in mind if that doesn't work out.

Well since I was in this mood of checking craigslist regularly I was familiar with the old ads, and recognized the new ones. Now if you're a craigslist shopper you know this is key. If you want a good deal you have to get to it pretty close to when it's listed and you also might know there are those that are trying to sell something to make some money... or sell something to get rid of it.  Well Saturday evening I saw one listed for $20 and thought "I bet it's already gone, but I'll give it a shot".... sure enough we were the lucky winners!!! So Sunday we got the measurements, measured the back of the jeep before heading south a ways (the cabinet was located about 20 minutes south of us) and realized... it wasn't going to fit in the jeep. So we called Home Depot, ahhh it is such a wonderful place. We picked up a truck from there 10 minutes later (for thirty bucks!) and headed to get the cabinet.

Now it's nothing fancy... just your ordinary china cabinet... but it gets the job done. I mean it holds stuff and that's what we wanted it for. And we'll probably just sell it when we move anyway:
china cabinet

It's even got a light in the top:
Cabinet Light

I was so happy to be able to put our cake topper in there... I had been waiting over 6 months to do this!
064 cake topper

As I stood back and smiled Kyle asked "that is the only reason you wanted a china cabinet isn't it?" I smiled :-)

So that was Sunday... Monday we got a little winterizing done.  I took the hose to the garage, turned the water off and covered up the spicket:
spiket insulator

We got all the patio chairs put away and I mowed the yard... with our NEW electric mower!!! Oh yeah, while taking the truck back to Home Depot we couldn't help but notice the last electric mower we'd had our eye on was marked down again... so it jumped in the car with us. Hey it beats raking leaves :-P
front yard mowed

I used the left over leaves on the sidewalk to give my poor hydrangeas some insulation for winter:
insulated hydrangeas

All that's left are two more windows I need to put plastic on... they aren't is bad as shape as the other's I've already covered... they are just harder to get to.

This weekend and week, so far, we have finally had fall weather. A few weeks there we jumped straight into winter and I was afraid it was here to stay. But at least a few days came to greet us!

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