Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another week and photo #100

Wow! It feels like just yesterday I was posting week 14... I guess that's what happens on holiday weekends, time flies!!

I have to share this photo, just because it didn't make it in the spot for photo of the day, but it is very appropriate for the holiday :-)

turkey dinner

I was with my family for one full day (two quarter days) so I wanted to include my beautiful nieces in my project and the turkey got the boot scoot!

Here's Week Fifteen!
Week 15 blogsize

#99: Putting up the lights: While continuing to work on our dining room, we were running back and forth from the garage and while Kyle cut and measured trim there really wasn't much for me to do. So I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get our Christmas lights up! Much better than last year when we were out in negative six degree weather. This year... much better at 50 degrees!

#100: Preparing for the molding: In order to have something for the crown molding to get nailed into, we needed to put these little pieces off wood around the ceiling bite. We first glued them into place. Then went through and nailed them. At first we were afraid we were going to have to find where the studs were located... and we have stud finder but it doesn't work for anything. Luckily after talking with my dad, he informed us that there should be one or two boards lining the top of the wall all the way around, this made us very happy, because then we just placed them up there evenly spaced and didn't have to worry about finding any studs. Although I found one! He's in this photo :-)

#101: Wine: We're pretty good at forgetting that we have a bottle of wine in our wine rack!!! So this night we decided it was probably time to pop it open. Kyle has stemless glasses he uses and I like the one with the stem :-) And if you notice the kitchen towel backdrop, yeah, it's covering up the mess that is on the counter... it seems like every since we've started this dining room project the house cleaning has been put on HOLD!

#102: Kyle's building: This is where my honey works!! I was picking him up Wednesday afternoon to head on down to Missouri for Thanksgiving.

#103: Sadie & Nancy: Turkey Day!! Can you believe I forgot to take any pictures all day!?! It was about 9:00pm and I realized "crap, I haven't taken a picture all day, this is NOT good for my project 365!" This is my father-in-laws girl friend and her little furbaby, Sadie. Nancy is in the back ground playing the Wii Mario Kart!!! What better way to let turkey settle in your tummy than to play the Wii!!

#104: Alyson Walking: This is my niece, Alyson! Isn't she a cutie?? She is 10 months old and already walking all over creation!!! She is such the eater too, she had to keep up with her walking energy! Sorry for the harsh light, I learned that children do not like to hold still enough for me to use my manual settings and instead of just having blurry pictures all weekend I surrendered to the Auto mode which meant the flash pops up and I have to deal with harsh light. Oh well, she still beautiful!

#105: Aliyah & Hot Cocoa: I had sent my brother and family some real cocoa from Mexico while Kyle and I were honeymooning there. They hadn't fixed it yet so I thought it'd be fun for Aliyah and I to do it together! It was fun and she was so cute. I think I used the bitter of the two kinds I sent, but we just threw in some marshmallows and Aliyah loved it! I think it was more of the experience of cooking with Aunt Daisy than the end product :-)

Thanks for reading!

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