Friday, December 4, 2009


What I've learned while on this photo project 365 (with the help of the dps forum).

After a big photo weekend, like thanksgiving... I really drag my feet to get a photo done EVERYDAY of the week following. But trust, me I haven't failed the project yet.  This day I literally just stuck my tripod out the front door and shot the christmas lights on the houses... then another time I shot our little trees in our front yard (oh yeah I need to share our christmas lights... later post, maybe tomorrow).  Okay so here is what I learned... Here are the FIRST two shots:



Notice anything? How bout in the sky or maybe in the bushes??? Here look again:
red circled lights

red circled lights2

AHH you see it?

Well it came as a little surprise to me... but after getting some words of wisdom from some people on the digital photography schools forum site, they suggested experimenting and maybe take the filter off my lens.  I have a UV filter on all my lenses, mainly just because I've read that's it's good for protection... although this proves that it can mess with your images.

SOOO I took the filter off and tried it again the next night!!!

wo filter

109 lighted little trees

YAH! No reflection!!!  Whew at first I was freaking out cuz I thought it was my camera... or lens... it's super easy to fix this problem by just taking the filter off :-)

Thanks for reading!

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