Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A little piece of history

Each time I go home, I end up bring back more stuff... I have a lot of stuff....

This past Thanksgiving I was finally able to re-unite with a trunk that I inherited from my Great Aunt Jane, many years ago.
trunk closed

It's a beautiful trunk! And I'm so happy I finally have settled down into a house so I can take possession over it. When I was a kid we had a trunk that held ALL our Halloween costumes. I've already began to fill this trunk with some Halloween costumes but before it gets totally full I wanted to share with you the characteristics of my an antique trunk.

First when I opened it, there was the picture of a lady staring back at me
trunk open

I wonder where all this woman has traveled...
trunk lady

Then if you notice the bottom....
trunk sides

trunk bottom

And not just any newspaper, it's a couple of pages from The Kansas City Star on May 8th, 1970
trunk date

We spent some time reading all the different ads on this paper and being amazed at this little time capsule of history.
trunk paper1

If you can, try and read this first paragraph below....
trunk paper2

Baked Ham for $3.00!!!!! Wow! And a child's dinner starts at $1.00!! I bet my brother and sister-in-law wish they could take Aliyah and Alyson out to eat for just a $1.00 each!
trunk paper3

Hey now, this is a PORTABLE TV set... they don't make 'em like they used to :-P
trunk paper4

Another ad to show you the cost back in the 70's. 2 Large chicken breasts for $1.55!!
trunk paper5

Of course I couldn't bear to throw this paper away... maybe in another 40 years someone can find this paper at the bottom of this trunk and get as much amusement as we did.

Thanks for reading!

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