Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas Day!

We began the day with more snow... of course
snow table
And after letting Harpo out and cleaning the snow off of him we finished up the morning casserole which we had started the night before. 
cooking breakfast
Eggs Florentine Casserole found no other place than Pioneer Woman's website, but this time it wasn't her recipe it was a guest blogger, Paster Ryan! MMM lots of eggs!
While breakfast was cooking we opened some presents, Harpo got to see his NEW BED! Which he didn't have too much interest in at first and I kept moving it back and forth from the front room to the back room cuz he wouldn't make up his mind where he wanted to lay and I wanted him to lay in his bed :-P
Harpo bed 1
We didn't really surprise each other with gifts this year, but anything that was bought in the past week got wrapped and put under the tree! lol and there were a few things we had ordered online that we didn't open when they arrived we just stuck them under the tree as well... so we at least we had a few things to open. We both got some new gloves for our cross country ski lesson next weekend and I got a new camera strap.
camera strap
Kyle got a new chair that is to go where our tree currently is. This will be Kyle's study chair in his study corner (the whole reason we re-did the dining room)  We started to open it, then breakfast was ready, which meant it was time for a break.
opening presents
Breakfast was served
daisy breakfast
After breakfast we put together Kyle's chair:
kyle chair
Then headed outside to shovel... again...
kyle shovel
Harpo has his little tracks in the back yard that he walks through
harpo in the snow
After all that, we relaxed on the couch and played our new games that were in my stocking... one was Pass the Pigs!!
132 pass the pigs
Ever heard of it? I had never played it but always saw it and wanted it. Well the pigs are like dice and you toss them up and depending on how they land is how many points you get, you can try your luck to get as many points in one round but if they land a certain way all your points are lost for the round. It's pretty fun, and the piggies are too cute!

While we were playing Harpo was getting used to his new bed (which was placed right on top of where he usually sleeps on the couch, so I'm not sure how happy he was at first)
harpo bed 2
Getting used to it
Harpo bed 3
Ahh I think he loves it! He was passed out!
harpo bed 4
The rest of our day was spent being lazy, then we went to dinner at a friend's house across town! It was so nice to spend Christmas dinner with a family, she has two boys that are SUPER fun!!! On the way home we drove around looking at Christmas lights in our neighborhood which turned into a Snowman hunt... but I'll post pics on that later!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day!!!

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Heather Russell said...

I used to have a game called tip the cows with the same idea/rules as your pig game :) i grew up on a dairy farm so i got a lot of cow stuff as a kid but that game was a lot of fun :) glad you had a good christmas!!

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